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Valentine’s Day Party

Making personalized photo frames during the Valentine’s Day party  was an activity that had all the kids smiling.  Colorful markers, oodles of special stickers, and the creative minds of our third grade students, produced a classroom full of brightly colored picture frames. Students also enjoyed eating some delicious snacks and playing Valentine’s Day Bingo. 


iphone pictures 1379iphone pictures 1375


iphone pictures 1370iphone pictures 1376



Light and Sound

The third grade students were using their eyes and ears to learn about light and sound on our last visit to Cranbrook.  Listening to to the vibration of sound from a tuning fork and playing a group song were a couple of the highlights.IMG_1297[1]


Caroling in Crazy Christmas Sweaters!

IMG_0993 IMG_0994 IMG_0991 (1)IMG_0997IMG_0989IMG_0986IMG_0996IMG_0995

                                                                  … Jingle Bells, jingle bells , jingle all the way….

 Oh what fun it was to walk through the halls of SCS singing Christmas songs

                and wearing our homemade Christmas sweaters!  IMG_0988 (1)


How Many Pop Cans Were Recycled?

IMG_0980 IMG_0981



Collecting information about recycled pop cans was the first step of this math activity.  Students then created a bar graph that displayed their data. 

Third Grade County Fair

photo (59)photo (63)photo (58)photo (57)photo (55)photo (73)photo (66)photo (72)photo (67)photo (82)photo (83)

                                                                     The  students had a county fair that featured their favorite stuffed animals.  Each child wrote why their stuffed animal deserved to win an award.  Animals were put on display with their medals, and the narratives that explained why they were winners. 

photo (69) photo (80)photo (81)

photo (74) photo (64)photo (70)


Sitting inside a Native American longhouse, gave the students a chance to experience what daily life was like for the Michigan tribes.  They also learned about the trading of goods between the European explorers and the Native Americans. One of our students dressed up like a Voyager, as the instructor explained interesting facts about the fur trade.      photo (43)photo (47)photo (45)photo (46)

Rocks and Minerals

photo (38)photo (41)photo (40)photo (39)

Is it limestone?  Pumice?  Obsidian?  Slate?  The students worked in groups to observe rocks and minerals, compare their properties, and determine the names of  the various samples they examined.  They also learned plenty of facts about rocks and minerals  from the  slide show presentation given by a  Cranbrook staff member.

Electricity and Magnets


Students enjoyed learning about static electricity and magnets on our last trip to Cranbrook.  Balloons charged with static electricity picked up balloons like magic!  Students also got a charge out of watching hair standing on end.


Making a human-student magnet helped the students understand how opposite poles attract and like poles repel one another.  photo (30)

photo (33)photo (34)photo (35)

A Slice of Fraction Fun!

By comparing different sizes of  pizza slices the students discovered fractions that are and are not equivalent.   For example, 1/2 of a pizza is equivalent to 2/4  or  4/ 8 of a pizza.  

They recorded their findings and even drew a few sketches of pizzas that showed equivalent fractions.  

 fraction fun 24fraction fun 23aphoto (28)

Multiplication Games

Who says learning the multiplication facts has to be boring?  Recently, the kids had a chance to challenge a partner to a fun game of Multiplication Tic-Tac-Toe to reinforce their knowledge of the multiplication facts. Students played the game by taking turns rolling two die, calculating the product using the numbers rolled, and searching for the answer on their tic-tac-toe board. The first student to complete a row on their board was the winner! Check out the pictures of students playing the game below.

We will continue to work on multiplication facts throughout the remainder of the school year as they are essential to the next skill we’ve starting learning: division!

photo 3-12 photo 1-11 photo 2-10 photo 4-2 photo 5-1