4th Grade Tutorials for Print Shop Cards

Fourth graders, please use these tutorials AND the worksheet to guide you through the steps for creating the inside and the outside of your card.

Thanksgiving Raps with Apps

Raps with apps

The fourth graders recently finished creating thanksgiving “Raps with Apps” on the iPads. They began using the Smart Drums feature in GarageBand app to develop a pattern of beats. Then they wrote their rap to go along to the beats. Then they used a second iPad with the iTalk app to record their rap with the beats playing in the background. The final step was to email their completed file to Miss Bosch.




Students had a lot of fun and did a great job being creative with music tools while praising God. The music files are posted below. (Note that we had technical problems with transferring a few of the files. If they are missing, we will try to get them posted once fixed!)

Kennedy, Korinne, Laurice:

Alex, Parker:

Anne Fleur:

Avery, Jordan:

Julius, Chloe P.:

Hope, Chloe S.:

Gabby, Taniya:

Jackson, Jaylan, Emmanuel:

Josee, Charles:

Joshua, Jacob, Jeremy:

Julie, Emma Jean

Justin, Ryan:

Kaitlin: (sorry, this one is a bit hard to hear)

Katherine, Jada:

Kyle, Seth, Camari:

Matthew, Peter:

Preston, Malik:

Sophia, Zion:

Will, Justin, Robert:

Avery and Jordan

Jayda and Kaylyn

Eden (sorry, this one is a little hard to hear)



Imagination Station Vehicles with Kindergarten

The kindergarten students recently made vehicles using the Imagination Box app. Here is a video showing some of their creations. You will see cars, trucks, airplanes, rockets, and boats!

Imagination Box is currently $2.99 on the US app store.

Resources for TinkerCAD “Shine” Candle Holder

Here is the link for the Intro to Building with Shapes in TinkerCAD tutorial:





Fourth Grade Word Processing Unit

wordprocessing examples

Over the past five weeks, our fourth graders have been doing a unit covering word processing skills. We have practiced many skills in Microsoft Word including opening/saving files, inserting text, spelling check, formatting text, adding clipart, text wrap, and copy/paste. To conclude the unit, students used these skills to type a personal narrative about a trip.

Feltboard Fall Fun with the Kindergarteners


Recently the kindergarten students created fall pictures with the Feltboard app. This app provides them a great opportunity to be creative, as well as letting them practice moving, resizing, and deleting elements. After they finished their pictures, Miss Bosch recorded them telling stories about their pictures. Click on each video to view and listen. You will love hearing their sweet voices!





Funny Leaf People – 1st Grade 2016

Funny Leaf People

The first graders had a lot of fun recently making these funny leaf people using KidPix software. In this lesson, the students learned how to double click to open a file. They then used text, drawing, stamp, and flip tools to decorate their funny leaf person. Here is a video showing all the pictures from both classes:

If I Were President

SElem Workr16102416100_0019

The second graders recently wrote and illustrated stories about “If I Were President.” In this assignment they continued to work on opening and saving files, typing in text boxes, and using a variety of drawing and graphic tools.  If you are getting tired of the political ads this time of year, you may find their ideas both fun and inspiring! (Click on each picture to get a larger view so you can read the stories.)

Memory Match with PreK

This week the pre-K students to used the Memory Match app during iPad time. You can see they are concentrating so intently that I could not even get most of them to look up and smile at the camera! This app is a fun way to build thinking skills as well as learn new vocabulary words.

Kindergarten iPad Creativity


Over the past few weeks, the kindergarten students have been creating pictures on their iPads using drawing tools, text, and stickers. We have used both the Hello Crayon and Feltboard apps.