Fun with the VidRhythm App


So it is the day before vacation, and the computer lab is being used for testing. A perfect excuse to have tech class using iPads in the fifth grade classrooms and have a little fun using the VidRhythm app to create music videos!  Here are a few shots of the students in action. Scroll down to the bottom where I have posted a few examples of the fun videos that they created!  Enjoy!

VidRhythm is currently available on iTunes for $1.99 (used to free, sorry, but offers a lot of fun for a small price!).







Snowy Selfies

On Friday, the Kindergarten students made virtual snowflakes using an app called Snowflake Station.  (No little snips of white paper all over the floor when you do it with an iPad!)

When we were done making and saving our snowflakes, students used the app to take a “selfie” and then made the snowflakes fall over top of their face!  Lots of fun!

Snowflake Station is currently available for $0.99 US on the iTunes app store.

Looking for some free snowflake apps and other creative Christmas apps? Check out this post from last year:

Free Christmas Apps for Creativity

PreK iPad “Ornaments”


This week the PreK students created Christmas “ornaments” using the Mandalas Free app.  They LOVED seeing the pretty designs that they could create.





Oh Christmas Tree – First Grade Style


The goal of this lesson was to challenge the first grade students to follow multiple directions independently to create a Christmas tree. Students watched the teacher demonstrate directions which used five different tools with five different steps. Most students were able to successfully complete all steps and make, decorate, and label a beautiful Christmas tree without assistance!



Here are 2 musical slideshows showing all the tress!  Enjoy!


Hyperstudio Tours of My Life – Fifth Grade

Fifth grade students are busy at work creating tours of their life of using Hyperstudio software. They are demonstrating great creativity and skills as they use multiple tools in unique ways.







Using iPads for Color Photography with PicCollage


This week the kindergarten students used iPads to take photos of colors around their room!  Students worked with a partner so one person could hold the iPad while the other person took the picture. Everyone was very careful to hold the iPads with 2 hands and not run or play around when the iPad was in their hands!

IMG_2465 IMG_2466  IMG_2470

We used the camera button in the Pic Collage app to take our photos. Students used their fingers to move and resize the photos. Then they went to the teacher for some help to type their color and name.

Here is a gallery of their pictures. Click on the image to view a larger version:

Pic Collage is a free app that can be used in many ways in the classroom to create digital posters!

Third Grade – Explain Everything Videos for Minecraft Habitat Reports

Third graders, use these videos and the direction sheet to help you learn how to build your report about your Minecraft Habitat Reports:

How to take a screenshot:

How to start your report in the Explain Everything App

How to save your report and quit Explain Everything

Example of a Minecraft Habitat Report using Explain Everything (by Miss Bosch)

Turkey Time from the 2nd Graders

I hope you enjoy these fun Thanksgiving videos from the second graders. In this lesson, students learned how to center text and use the return key. They also used the eraser tools to correct mistakes. Finally, they sent their project to the printer without teacher help. It is great to see students increase their independence as they follow multiple steps in our projects!

Note: The videos were created using the free Animoto app.

Free full featured account for educators!

Keyboards and Stories – First Grade


Our first-graders have been learning to use keyboards for typing. This week they learned to move and resize graphics, and then combined them with a background. Finally, they created a text box, and typed stories to go along with their pictures. We focused this week on typing as much as we could while spelling the best we can. They did a great job using the keyboard, space bar, and period key!







Predicting Weather Sketchnotes by 4th Grade


Over the past 2 weeks, the fourth graders have been learning about creating sketchnotes as a way of documenting their learning. They used the Flipink app to make visual notes about a chapter in their science book about predicting weather.

IMG_2063 IMG_2065

Students needed to refer to their book to find key words and ideas and to find ways to represent them using images.


Students demonstrated lots of detailed work using the stylus and text tools.

IMG_2073 IMG_2080

Here are a few examples of their sketchnotes:

Photo Oct 28, 8 46 13 AM Photo Oct 28, 8 46 15 AM (1) Photo Oct 28, 9 39 05 AM

Flipink is one of my favorite drawing apps and works especially great for sketchnotes.  Currently it is available on iTunes for $1.99 US.

Here is a link to the video and student resources we used to introduce this unit.

If you are looking for more information about sketchnotes, please check out my Sketchnote resource page at Creative APPtitude.