Projects from a Pandemic Year

So this year, I have had to let go of blogging our student work. There just were too many new things to navigate including teaching in person and online, posting to Seesaw and Google Classroom, keeping iPads clean and hauling them from class to class, and just the uncertainty of what each day might bring. But our elementary students were awesome and did some amazing work on our iPads this year. Because of the nature of not knowing which students would be in person or at home, projects had to be short and had to have options for students to do at home if they didn’t have an iPad.

One of our first challenges was finding a way for students to safely share iPads for our classes. Did you know an iPad will work inside of a Ziplock bag? So each student had their own zip lock and I would place the iPad into the bag for each class. The hope was that any germs would stay on the plastic bag and their hands, sneezes, and other germs would never touch the iPad. We discovered even our Apple Pencils would work over top of a plastic bag.

Here is an overview and a few examples of some activities that the students worked on.

Our 4th and 5th graders used the Pages app to write about what they would do if they were president. They learned how to format the text, used some tricks for effective typing on an iPad, and then selected and formatted shapes to illustrate their writing.
Then they wrote health safety commercials about wearing masks and other things they could do to stay healthy. The commercials were animated using the ChatterKid app.
Our younger students did many projects and activities using KidPix on our iPads. A favorite project at the end of the year was to design a custom shoe using drawing tools, paint bucket fill, stamps, and text.
Another fun activity was to use colors and textured brushes to create a spring flower garden.

We also spent several weeks using Code Spark Academy to learn about coding and problem solving skills. They learned about loops and if/then statements and discovered some of the basics of how their favorite games are developed.

These are only a few of the things we worked on this year. They students rose to the challenges of this year and did some amazing work! I am proud of them! I hope you all have a great summer!

Hello Summer 2020!

Thank you to all students for your great work on our Technology Class assignments while we were doing school at home. Many of you sent me pictures and videos of what you did and I really enjoyed seeing your work!

If you are looking for something to do this week or during the summer, I’d suggest that you go back to previous posts on this blog and do any activities or links that you didn’t get to work on or that you enjoyed! Use Learning Links to help you find keyboarding, coding, avatar designers, and lots of other great activities:

Learning Links

Also, here is a post with links to many awesome free iPad apps that an adult can download for you:

Daily Free Apps for Kids

Apple has a great list of 30 Creative Activities for Kids.

I hope everyone has a wonderful summer! Stay safe and healthy and I hope to see you again in person very soon!

Google AR Animal Project Video

I put together a video with some of the animal augmented reality photos that were sent to me from our student project from the previous week. (I hope I didn’t miss anyone who sent me a photo – my apologies if I did!) Click the link below to view if the embedded video above does not work:

Google AR Animals

Online Learning for K – 5 for May 11 – Keyboarding Links

(This lesson is optional for Grade 3 who are working on another project with Miss Bosch and Mrs. Parris.)

NOTE: For this week’s assignment, you will need to use a computer with a keyboard. It will not work on an iPad or phone. If you do not have a computer with a keyboard available, please go back to one of our previous lessons and do a new or favorite activity from there. Thanks!

During this week, please spend 20 – 30 minutes practicing your typing using a computer keyboard. Use the suggested links below or complete the typing project suggestion.

Grades K and 1

Keyboarding Zoo
Big Brown Bear Keyboard
Marcelino’s Letters

Grades 2 – 5

Dance Mat Typing (If you have done this before, find the place where you left off to begin working.)

Keyboard Climber
Type Rocket
30 Second Keyboarding Game
Z Type

Any of the other Keyboarding Games at Learning Links

Project Idea: (not mentioned in the video)

Practice your typing by writing a story of your choice. Use Word, Pages, Google Docs, or any other software or app that lets you type. I would love to read your story when you are done. Have an adult send it to me.

Leave me a comment to let me know which typing games you played and how you did! If you typed a story, either send it to me or leave a comment to tell me what you wrote about.

Online Learning for K – 5 for May 4 – Augmented Reality

(Note: this lesson is optional for Grade 3 who are working on another project with Miss Bosch and Mrs. Parris.)

Please first watch the video below to learn about Augmented Reality/AR:

To view AR objects in Google Search you’ll need:

  • Android smartphone or tablet: Android 7.0 or higher w/ pre-installed Google Play Store
  • iPhone/iPad: iOS 11.0 or higher

These are the animals that you can search for in Google that will convert to 3D augmented reality. When the search results open up, look for the view in 3D link to open the AR. (Please watch the video above to see exactly how to do it!) Take a photo of your animal when you get it to appear! (Note, these links will not work on a computer, only the phones/tablets listed above. Some phones may allow you to take video, but most will only take a still photo.)

If you cannot get the AR to work on your phone, here is a link to some animal webcams that you can visit. (Note: not all of the links may be active/working.)

Wildlife Live Feeds

When you are done with your activity for this week, leave a comment telling me which animals you made appear using Augmented Reality or which animals you saw online using webcams. A grown up may email one of the pictures to me so I can see it!

Project Idea: If you want, you may use a computer or iPad to type a story about the Augmented Reality animal visiting your house or yard. Add the picture into the story if you can. A grown-up may send the story to me – I would love to see it!

Online Learning for K – 1 for April 27 – Bible Story Time

This week we are going to explore ways we can use technology to learn about and share Bible stories. Please do one or more of the choices below. Have a grown-up help you decide what to do. You may leave a comment to tell me which Bible Story you did or watched when you are done. If you did a project, I’d love to see it. Have a grown-up email it to me at

Download Bible App for Kids (have a grown-up help you). Do one or more of the interactive stories.
Bible App for Kids (Apple)
Bible App for Kids (Google)

Another Bible app option:
Superbook for Kids (Apple)
Superbook for Kids (Google)

Watch a Bible Story video from one of these sites:
Bible App for Kids Videos
Bible Stories for Kids (NOTE: Youtube Channel)


Use the Voice Memo app on your phone or iPad to record your child retelling their favorite Bible story. (You can gain great insights by listening to what they say!) – I forgot to mention this project in the video! Sorry!

Draw a picture of your favorite Bible story using an iPad app. Here are some suggestions:

  • Hello Crayon ( was used with K students)
  • Draw and Tell( was used with K students)
  • KidPix5(NOTE: this is a paid app. It is the same as the software that we use in technology class. If you have an iPad, it might be worth the cost as a familiar way for students to do technology activities at home.)
  • Any other app or website that lets you draw or create a Bible Story picture is ok.

BIBLE BUDDIES APP ($3.99) If you are looking for something new to do with your child, I highly recommend purchasing this app. Students can record their own animated Bible stories using their finger to move characters while they talk. It is a wonderful way to have them retell the truths that they are learning.

Online Learning for 2 – 5: April 27 – Superheroes and Avatars

This week’s message from Miss Bosch

This week you are going to have the opportunity to use technology to create your own superhero or avatar. Please select one or more activities to do. When you are done, you may leave me a comment to let me know which activity you did and what you learned and liked about it. If you do a project, I would love to see a picture of it. An adult may send me an email to share it with me. ( I also challenge you to be a “Superhero” this week around your house by doing something kind and helpful for the people who are living in your home!

Examples using iPad apps


  • Super Hero Me – show your super powers! (This doesn’t have a save button, have an adult help you take a screenshot to save.)
  • Star Wars – design your own Star Wars Character
  • Hero Maker – from PBS, create a hero and learn about other REAL Heros!
  • Style-a-Hero – use character traits to build your hero
  • Avatar Maker – detailed features to design your face, this one is a kid favorite!
  • MiniMizer – design a Lego style person
  • Disney Yourself – make yourself look like a Disney Character
  • Peanuts – make a Peanuts character that looks like you
  • Adventure Story Comic Covers – design your own custom comic cover (note: this one is advanced, but older students may be able to figure it out!)

PROJECT – turn your photo into a superhero on an iPad. Watch this video below to learn how.

ON AN IPAD (ask a grown-up before downloading):

Online Learning for 2 – 5 for April 20 – Coding

Your Mission this Week!

This week we are going to do some coding activities. Please select one or more activities to do. When you are done, you may leave me a comment to let me know which one you did and what you learned and liked about it.

Online Links (might not work on a tablet):

Grades 2 and 3:

Grades 4 and 5:

More Coding Learning Links

Hour of Code links – can sort by grade level

**ParentsOptional Tynker Coding Program – If you would like to get your child started in a coding program, we have access to create accounts in Tynker Coding Lessons through the end of May. This program can be done on a computer or an iPad. If you are interested, please send Miss Bosch an email at and she will set up an account for your child and send you the login information. Let her know your child’s name and grade level so she can put them at an appropriate level. Students may work in this program instead of the links above or as an extra activity.

** Also, one of our SCS parents will be running a coding class through the Coding in the City program. Click on the link below for more information on how to sign up for this program if you are interested.

Coding in the City Coder Academy

Online Learning for K – 1 for April 20 – Think Spring!

This week we are going to Think Spring! Here are some choices for you to do this week for your technology assignment:

For Computer with a Mouse (clicking and dragging practice):

For iPad – use a drawing app to draw a beautiful spring picture. Here are some app suggestions for this project:

  • Hello Crayon ( was used with K students)
  • Draw and Tell( was used with K students)
  • KidPix5(NOTE: this is a paid app. It is the same as the software that we use in technology class. If you have an iPad, it might be worth the cost as a familiar way for students to do technology activities at home.)
  • Any other app or website that lets you draw or create a spring picture is ok.

For Phone – go for a walk around your yard or neighborhood with your family. Use a phone to take pictures that show signs of spring. If you want, you and an adult can combine all your photos using an app to make a photo collage. Suggested apps:

  • Pic Collage EDU (iPhone/iPad) – free during the month of April, a wonderful app built for kids!
  • Pic Collage (Google) – free, does contain ads
  • Any other app or software that lets you combine pictures together is fine for this. Use whatever you have available and work together!

If you want, an adult may help you to leave me a comment to let me know what you did this week for technology class. They may also send me a picture showing me your project if you did one ( ! Have fun and think spring!

Online Learning Week for K – 5 – April 13 – Crazy Characters

For this week’s technology class, I would like you to read the 3D Crazy Characters eBook which was written by the 2nd graders. Click on the link below to open up the book to read it. (If you use the Chrome or Safari browser, there will be a READ TO ME button in the top right corner.) Older students, you may remember making these crazy characters when you were in second grade – your job this week is to encourage the younger students!


When you are done, you may leave a comment at this blog post to tell the second graders what you liked about this book. Click up at the top title where it says “comments”. Older students, be sure you are thoughtful and kind in your comment to support and encourage the 2nd graders. (Younger students may need a grown-up to help them write the comment.) Please only use your first name (NO LAST NAMES, NO EMAIL). Miss Bosch will check all comments before they are posted.


Use a technology tool like a computer or an iPad to draw a picture or write a story about a crazy character that you invent. (Second graders or students who did this project in the past, you may also draw or write the new or continuing adventures of your 3D crazy character!) If you want, your parents may email your project to me so I can see it. Have fun and be creative – don’t just do the same thing you did in your book!



  • Use Microsoft Word, Apple Pages, or Google Docs on a computer or iPad (see an adult for help to find these tools to use).
  • Book Creator App(NOTE: this is a paid app – wonderful options for book building, drawing, audio, video, and creativity! This is the app we used to make our Crazy Character book! Worth the price!)
  • Any other option that lets you make a story is fine, too!

Parents, you can also download the Crazy Characters eBook at iTunes for free if you have an iPhone, iPad, or Mac computer:

3D Crazy Characters iTunes Download