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Autumn Drawings with the Drawing Pad App


On Friday, the second graders used a new app called Drawing Pad to draw an autumn picture.  Students learned to use a variety of drawing and texture tools and also to add text. As you can see, their drawings were beautiful!



Drawing Pad is perfect for elementary students because the tools are so intuitive, but can also be customized and enhanced.  It also has a nice collection of stickers that can be added to the drawings.  Being able to add text allows this app to be used in a variety of ways in all subject areas.

Here are some more examples of their artwork:

Drawing Pad is currently available on iTunes for $1.99.

IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard System IS-01


Last week, I was thrilled when IPEVO let me know that they had granted me a Wishpool wish and were sending us one of their new IPEVO Interactive Whiteboard Systems!  It arrived late last week and we have had fun testing it out!  If you have a computer and projector, this system can transform almost any hard surface into an interactive whiteboard.  This neat piece of equipment only costs $149!



The equipments is surprisingly small.  It included a sensor cam, interactive pen, and software to run the system.  There also is an extension wand that can be added to the pen and a tripod mount that you can use for the cam if you wish.

It only took a few minutes to install the software and connect the sensor to my laptop.  The software has a program that you use to calibrate the surface to the pen.  It took me about 20 minutes of trial and error to figure out the best position to put the sensor cam in order for it properly fill the surface of my board.  (It will be simple next time, now that I know the best location.)  Once that was done, it took four clicks with the pen to calibrate, and we were in business!  The pen can be used as a mouse.  The disk also contains software tools that allow  you easily write on a white background page or whatever is projected on the board.  We did find that you had to stand to the side so you didn’t block the signal. (We think if the sensor was placed on top of the projector, it would give a clearer path for the signal.) Here you can see Mrs. Benefield testing it out.  She liked it so much that we are going to set it up in her classroom for her students and her to use!


We are so grateful to IPEVO for supplying us this piece of equipment!  Currently, our elementary classrooms do not have interactive whiteboards.  We are excited to be able to test out this affordable piece of equipment.

Teachers, be sure to check out the IPEVO Wishpool Page!  Every month they give away their products to deserving teachers who make a wish sharing how they would use the product in their classroom.  Thank you again to IPEVO for making amazing products and supporting educators!

What is a Digital Footprint?

Thursday the fifth grade classes are discussing what a “digital footprint” is.  We talked about why it is important to have a good online reputation and what things can hurt our online reputation.  We are learning about this in preparation for our upcoming unit using the Edmodo online community.

Students, please leave a comment of 2 or 3 sentences (with good spelling and punctuation).  Please share:

  • What you learned about “Digital Footprints.”
  • How you can leave a good digital footprint for yourself.
  • Things that can hurt your digital footprint.
  • Why it is important to have a good digital footprint.

Here is a website you will be using to build an avatar:

Second Grade Ocean Reefs 2012

Ocean Reef Drawing

The second graders viewed a video showing pictures that Miss Bosch took while snorkeling at the Great Barrier Reef and in Hawaii.  They then created an ocean reef picture using KidPix.  In this lesson they learned how to save and open files.  They also reviewed skills from last year including drawing tools, using the paint bucket, text boxes, and adding stickers and stamps.  Below are music videos created using the Animoto app showing the beautiful work of the students.