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2nd Grade KidPix Ocean Reefs 2019

The second graders recently completed ocean reef pictures during our technology class. We first viewed a video about coral reefs before starting our pictures.

In this assignment students learned/reviewed how to:

  • save and open files
  • use paint, fill, and drawing tools
  • use, resize, and edit stamps
  • make and type in a text box
  • use the caps lock and delete keys

The student pictures are very colorful and turned out great. Here is a gallery showing their pictures – you can click on an image to see a larger view. (Note: if you child was absent on Monday when we completed this project their picture will be missing.)

5th GradeTour of My Brain – Created with Keynote!

Over the past two weeks, the fifth grade students worked in Keynote on our Mac computers to create a visual representation of a “tour” of their brain. This project helped students learn/practice/review a variety of technology skills including:

  • taking a photo with a webcam and inserting it into a document
  • opening and saving files
  • adding, moving, resizing, and formatting graphics and text
  • using copy/paste (to add arrows – not everyone got to complete this step)
  • using color, space, and sizing to creatively and effectively design their project and show their ideas

This project is my variation of a Keynote Silhouette project that is posted on the Apple Teacher website. Students did a great job following multiple steps (given both orally and in writing) and using their creativity to design their “tours.” The final documents are very colorful and so interesting to look at.

Here is a gallery showing the students’ projects. (Note – a few student projects may be missing if they were absent on Monday when we finished the project.) You can click on an image to see a larger view.