3D Crazy Characters eBook 2020


I’m excited to share that our second graders’ eBook, “3D Crazy Characters”, is now available for online viewing. The book features 3D characters designed with the Morphi app. The 3D files were printed on our Dremel 3D40 and 3D20 Ideabuilder printers using white filament which were colored with Sharpie markers. We used the Book Creator app to combine the 3D characters, background illustrations, and stories into one eBook. Sadly, this year because of the Covid 19 virus we were not able to record the narrations of the story. The book also includes information on how we created the characters and eBook. (You can read more about how we created and printed the characters here.)

“3D Crazy Characters” also is available for free download on over 50 Apple Books stores all over the world! If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPad, or Mac computer you can download the book onto your device to keep for viewing anywhere and to save as a memory for the future!

To download onto iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac Computer: You will need to use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac with the free Apple Books app installed on it. Use this link to download the ebook:

3D Crazy Characters iTunes Download

We hope you enjoy reading our book! We’d love it if you could leave a rating or a review at Apple Books


  1. Michael says:

    Good story Dallas

  2. nadiyah says:

    Like it

  3. Teefy says:

    Great work, Second graders! 😁

  4. Donnie says:

    The book was good, crazy and a little sad because some of the kids didn’t have any one to play with

  5. Karen Bosch says:

    I thought the same thing, Donnie. I wanted some of these crazy characters to have friends.

  6. Jackson says:

    They were all very good!

  7. Michael B. says:

    The second graders did a really good job!!!! I like the stories:)

  8. Gracie says:

    Gracie enjoyed listen to the 3D book. It was funny how it read “IT” as I.T.”

  9. Anonymous says:

    Nice job second graders!

  10. Jack says:

    That was a cool book. I liked the crazy characters.

  11. Addie says:

    That was a nice book. I liked your ideas.

  12. Lucia says:

    Great job, your work was finominal I loved everybody’s story on their crazy character Great work I hope to see more of your work.

  13. Alexandria says:

    i thought it was good and i agree with donnie and fyi he has someone to play with me i am his sister

  14. Karen Bosch says:

    I’m glad you and Donnie can play together. I think he was talking about the Crazy Characters who were lonely.

  15. Ronin says:

    I loved the book i even saw my sister’s page good job

  16. Ella says:

    Grate job!

  17. rylee says:

    you did a great job.

  18. Anthony Jr. says:

    This story is funny.

  19. Bennett says:

    Good work on those crazy characters

  20. Bennett says:

    Good work second grade 👍

  21. Elizabeth says:

    That was a good book.Thank you!

  22. Nola says:

    Awesome work!

  23. Lexi says:

    It looks like you worked hard. I think you did a good job!

  24. ISAAC says:


  25. Kaden says:

    You guys did an excellent job with your crazy characters.

  26. Allison says:

    Great job you did well on the 3D characters!!!!

  27. Joshua says:

    I liked the book good job

  28. Naia says:

    It was cool!

  29. LaKristiana says:

    Hello Mrs. Bosch,

    I enjoyed creating Teana and can’t wait to get the 3-D image of her from you. 🙂


  30. Chasity says:

    Great job you guys! I loved your book so much and your crazy characters are so silly.

  31. Karen Bosch says:

    Thanks, LaKristiana! I can’t wait to see you again and give Teena to you! I’m sure she misses you – haha!

  32. Jalen says:

    Good job I really like it. You did a good job with yours crazy character.

  33. Makayla says:

    Good job with your crazy character. It was a good job!👍👍

  34. Makayla says:

    Good job second grade, that was some nice work.

  35. Camden says:

    Your monsters are the best monsters ever! Your monsters are cool. Your monsters are awesome!

  36. Alexis says:

    Good job it was really creative :3

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