4th Grade Thanksgiving Raps with Apps

The fourth graders recently created thanksgiving “Raps with Apps” on the iPads. They began using the Smart Drums feature in GarageBand app to develop a pattern of beats. Then they wrote their rap to go along to the beats. Then they used a second iPad and used the Voice Memos app to record their rap with the beats playing in the background. The final step was to email their completed file to Miss Bosch.

Students had a lot of fun and did a great job being creative with music tools while praising God. I have posted some examples of their raps. (Note: not all students completed completed and/or emailed their raps to Miss Bosch, so are missing. A few were emailed without names and were not posted.)

I am working on adding the raps. More are coming.

Selah and Imani Rap
Baron and Cory Rap
Reagan and Carrington Rap
Qarli and Nyla Rap
Aiden and Jeremy Rap
Kyla and Lucia Rap
Antwon Rap
Bennett and Matthew Rap
Daniel and Teefy Rap
Isaac and Donovan Rap
Jaydyn and Nailah Rap
Jude and Eddie Rap
Langston and Matthew Rap
Lawrence and Mehki Rap
Lewis and Luke Rap
Liam Rap
London G and Kristy Rap
Paris Rap
Selena and Anna Rap

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  1. Peter Ford says:

    Greetings from the United Kingdom. Congratulations on some pretty fine gratitude raps with apps! Rhythm, rhyme and thanksgiving … what is not to like 🙂 I really enjoyed listening to them all! Thank you for sharing.

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