Augmented Reality Stories using the Chromville and Write About This Apps


On Friday, the second graders had a blast exploring the Augmented Reality app called Chromville. To use this free app, you must first print and color out the special pages from the Chromville website (link below). Currently there are 6 pages – I chose the page that lets you create a character because of the creative possibilities that it offered. Students designed and colored their character during the week and came with the completed sheets to technology class.


We began by using the Chromville app to scan their pages. The students were so excited to watch their characters pop to 3D life on their iPads and dance in front of them!  The app also has a button which allows them to take photos of their characters which are saved to the camera roll. The cool factor on this is off the chart! You really have to see this in action.  Here is a video showing the students scanning their creatures!

Although I love these kind of cool AR activities, my question has been how to link them with some kind of learning. The characters created a highly motivating opportunity to do some creative writing. So after they had taken pictures of their 3D characters in using the Chromville app, we opened up the Write About This app.




Students created a custom page where they inserted a photo of their character, named it, and then wrote a story about it.  After the crazy fun at the start of class, now they were engaged and focused using all that creative energy to write!  The Write About This app also allows student to  read and record audio their story. Unfortunately we ran out of time, so only a few students got to the recording step.


Mixing these two apps together was a great fit for this lesson!

Link to the free Chromville app on iTunes

Link to the free Chromville coloring pages. (You must print and color these pages to scan with the app.)

Link to the Write About This App (currently $3.99, there is a lite version available if you want to try it first)

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