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Kindergarten KidPix Flowers

On Friday in the computer lab, the kindergarten students used the “wacky brush” tool in our KidPix software to draw flowers. Students had to click between colors and brush tools and control the mouse to make their drawings. I took a photo of the students with their drawings when they were done. (My apologies if someone was missed!) Here is a gallery showing their work :

We also learned how to launch and quit KidPix. We will be continuing to work on learning various tools that will help our computer skills to grow.

3D Crazy Characters 2019

Click here to view the eBook 3D Crazy Characters online.

I’m excited to share that our second graders’ eBook, “3D Crazy Characters”, is now available for online viewing. The book features 3D characters designed with the Morphi app. The 3D files were printed on our Dremel 3D40 and 3D20 Ideabuilder printers using white filament which were colored with Sharpie markers. We used the Book Creator app to combine the 3D characters, background illustrations, stories, and audio narrations into one eBook. The book also includes information and videos on how we created the characters and eBook. (You can read more about how we created and printed the characters here.)


“3D Crazy Characters” also is available for free download on over 50 iTunes stores all over the world! If you have an iPhone, iPad, iPad, or Mac computer you can download the book onto your device to keep for viewing anywhere and to save as a memory for the future!

To download onto iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac Computer: To download the files you will need to use an iPhone, iPod, iPad, or Mac with the free Apple Books app installed on it (or into iBooks software on a Mac computer). Use this link to download the ebook:

3D Crazy Characters iTunes Download


Notes for Educators: Our backgrounds were made in the computer lab using KidPix software. We used iPads to photograph the 3D characters on the backgrounds. The photos were added into Book Creator on the Chrome web browser. Each student typed their story and made an audio recording of their story using Book Creator. I used the wonderful feature in Book Creator which allows you to easily publish your books online.

Book Creator is currently available for $4.99 US for iOS. There is a lite version which will let you try out the app and create one book. It also is available for Android and Windows.

We have been excited to share our books with family and friends, but we are hoping that we can connect with even a wider “Authentic Audience” around the world.  We would love for other students and classes to download our book.  If you do, could you please leave us a comment so we can know who has been reading our books!

If you have a class that has created an eBook, we would love to do a book exchange with you! Please leave a comment with a link to the book file or contact Miss Bosch via email at or on Twitter at @karlyb.

Disclosure: As a part of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school is receiving the use of the 3D40 printer. If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact  I’d appreciate it if you noted Karen Bosch/this blog post as a referral in the comments/questions section at the bottom of the form.  Thanks!

Snowmen Having Fun 2019

Our first grade eBook “Snowmen Having Fun 2019” has been published online. Here is the link to the book (below).


We hope you enjoy seeing the illustrations, reading the stories, and listening to the audio. Feel free to share it with family and friends!

The illustrations for our eBook were created using KidPix software on our Mac computers. The illustrations were printed and then scanned into a digital format. I loaded the pictures into the Book Creator app, where the students made the audio recordings of their stories.

Our eBook is also published on over 50 iTunes stores around the world! Here is the link where you can download the book onto your iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac computer:

President Search Activities – Grade 5

ACTIVITY 4 – Rate the Website

Use these links as part of our assignment:

1) The White House


3) Wikipedia George W. Bush

4) Ducksters George W. Bush

5) Britannica George W. Bush

ACTIVITY 1 – Searching for Information Using Keywords

Click on this link to watch the video: Keyword Search Video

Hyperstudio Tutorial Videos for Fifth Grade 2019

Here are the videos for this week’s assignment:


BONUS VIDEO CHALLENGE: If you have finished your buttons and all cards, you may try this challenge activity using buttons to make a multiple choice question:

Here are the video tutorials from our previous lessons if needed:




Third Grade 3D Snowflakes with the Morphi App and Dremel 3D Printers

The third graders recently worked on a 3D design project. They used 6 point symmetry in the Morphi app to create these gorgeous 3D snowflakes which we printed out on our Dremel 3D printers.

Students began in Morphi by using the free draw tool. They turned on the axis and then used the + sign to add 6 lines of symmetry. Their designs were each as unique as real snowflakes are!

By simply tapping the 3D button, the line drawings convert into 3D! This definitely is a WOW moment for the students! Then students used the “doughnut” shape to add a loop to the top of their snowflake to make it easy to hang their snowflake.

The snowflakes were printed with our Dremel 3D printers. They look amazing!

A few hints if you try this project:

  • Adjust the line size and make it slightly thicker. The thin lines are fragile when they print and often break.
  • Be sure all lines connect on your snowflake or pieces will fall off the printed snowflake.
  • Designs that are very complex sometimes will not print successfully.
  • If your design gets too large, parts will be chopped off and your snowflake will not be round.
  • The Morphi app comes in a free and paid EDU version. You will need the paid version to use the drawing tool. The drawing tool is amazing and allows you to create custom 3D designs.
  • I did make the designs larger using the Print Studio software that comes with the Dremel Printers while I was preparing the files for printing. You could also adjust the size in Morphi, but doing this step later simplified the project for the students.


Disclosure: As a part of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school received the use of the 3D40 printer. If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact  I’d appreciate it if you noted Karen Bosch/this blog post as a referral in the comments/questions section at the bottom of the form.  Thanks!

Second Grade 3D Characters with Morphi


Recently, the 2nd graders had their first experience with 3D design for our 3D printer. We used the Morphi Edu app to create our characters.


After drawing and coloring in our characters, students tapped on the 3D button which magically converted the drawings into a 3D shape. The files were emailed to Miss Bosch who prepared them and sent them to the 3D printer.

Our Dremel 3D printers have been busy printing the characters out in white filament!


Here are a few examples of what our crazy characters look like after they have been printed.

The second graders will be using Sharpie markers to color their crazy characters. They are also writing stories to go along with our characters. We will be turning our characters and stories into an eBook which we will be publishing to iTunes!

Creative Free Christmas/Winter apps for Early Learners!

Over the past few weeks, I have been using some Christmas/Winter apps with PreK and Kindergarten classes. I have discovered some new ones this year, so here are some links along with some pictures of our students using them! (Note: many of these apps contain small ads, locked items, or in-app purchases. This is the time of year when we learn about what these things are and what to do about them! I evaluated all apps and felt that these items do not get in the way of the learning, creativity, and fun, but be aware that what happens in these apps can change at any time!)


We have used the Mandalas Lite app for many years to create “Christmas Ornaments” using the colorful symmetry drawing features. (We’ve also used this app with black drawing on a white background to create snowflakes drawings that could be used for 3D printing!)


The Christmas Tree Fun app offers a set of simple decorations for a Christmas Tree which was perfect for our PreK students. When finished, you can view the tree with lights, fireworks, or snowflakes falling. Sadly, this app is currently unavailable on the US app store but is available in other countries. (Note: links to other apps on the opening page and another app page at the very end.)


The 123 Kids Fun Christmas Tree has 6 tree styles to decorate with ornaments, cookies, snowflakes, lights, and much more. You can even put a photo from the camera roll on an ornament. (Note: locked decorative items with in-app purchase.)


Gingerbread Crazy Chef Cookie Maker is a fun app that takes students through the steps of mixing up cookies, baking them, decorating them, and “eating” them! There is a variety of decorations to use, however some are “locked” and require in-app purchase. (Note: There also are small banner ads at the bottom for other kid-appropriate apps.)

I hope these apps can provide some fun and creative activities for Christmas and the winter season1

Christmas Links with the First Graders


Over the past 2 weeks in technology class, the first graders have been using the Christmas Links on our Learning Link page to create Christmas trees, gingerbread houses, and snowmen. Students have learned to use and navigate back and forth between a list of online links. They also have worked on strengthing their precise mouse skills as they click, select, scroll, drag, and drop.

Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.56.56 AM 12-15-18 Screen Shot 2018-12-15 at 7.55.22 AM 12-15-18

Here are a few photos of the students at work! They had a lot of fun working on these activities!

IMG_2000 IMG_5525 IMG_7751 IMG_8405 IMG_4794 IMG_5264 IMG_5013

Students may enjoy continuing to work on these links using your computer at home. (They likely will not work on a tablet.)

Christmas Links

3D Printed Candleholders with TinkerCAD and Dremel 3D Printers

IMG_5991 2

Our fifth graders have created these beautiful candleholders in technology class. They were designed using the online Tinkercad tools and printed with our Dremel 3D printers.

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.28.00 PM 12-12-18

For this project, we used a shared account in TinkerCAD and created a project file for each student. During the first week, students had some “playground” time to explore TinkerCAD and learn how to navigate and design with shapes. Then during the following two weeks, students followed teacher-created video tutorials to help them independently design their candle holders. (Here is the link to our TinkerCAD tutorials.)

Screen Shot 2018-12-12 at 1.26.47 PM 12-12-18

The fifth graders started their designs by using precise measurements to create a cylinder and a hole that would fit a dollar store battery operated candle. After designing the candle holder, students imported a shape to use as a decoration on the side or on the base. (I used the FlatIcon website to find .svg files which could be imported into Tinkercad and had these available for students to use for their designs.) Finally, students grouped all the elements together into one shape and saved it in Tinkercad.

Over the past few weeks, our Dremel 3D printers have been busily printing our candle holders.


The students are very excited to see how professional their candleholders look!. This project has been a great way to introduce students to 3D Design. Even though students had some basic guidelines to help them produce a successful first design, they also had many creative options which allowed each product to be unique! They are looking forward to giving them as Christmas gifts to someone to shine the love of Jesus with them.

Disclosure: As a part of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school has received use of a 3D printer and filament. If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact  I’d appreciate it if you noted Karen Bosch/this blog post as a referral in the comments/questions section at the bottom of the form.  Thanks!