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Fifth Grade Technology Reflection 2017

Think back over all things you have done with computers or iPads during the time you have been at SCS Elementary School. Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences reflecting on the following questions:

What is one thing using technology that you learned or improved this year?

What was your favorite project or activity in technology class (either this year or any year in elementary school)?

What is one thing you would like to learn to do using technology in the future?

Thanks for all your hard work this year! Miss Bosch

First Grade Portrait Stories

The first graders used KidPix to type simple stories about themselves and draw a self portrait to go with the stories. Here are some of the stories. Click on the picture to see the full view. (Note: a few pictures may be missing due to some issues with printing or with students being absent.)

Collaborative President Wiki Webpages

Recently, the fifth graders have been doing research about a U.S. president. After lessons on evaluating websites and web search strategies, the students began using Worldbook Encyclopedia Online and other websites to gather information about their president.

Once they had some good information on their president, they began building a webpage using Wikispaces. Each student was partnered with a student in the other 5th grade class and they are collaborating virtually instead of working face to face. After each work session, they use discussion tools to reflect their progress and make suggestions for what to do next. They are proofreading each other’s typing and are finding it helpful to not have to do everything in this project on their own!

Our next step for this project will be to use the formatting tools to make the webpage more attractive and easier to read. Students will also be learning to make citation hyperlinks to the websites where they got their information.

Here is a link where you can view their president wiki pages in progress:

Presidents Wiki 2017 (Click on the sidebar to view additional pages.)




Fifth Grade President Search Links 2017

What are interesting quick facts to research about a president?

Hockenbrocht Answer Garden Link

Voytal Answer Garden Link


Use this link to view the PBS 60 Seconds Presidents Videos

Link to 2015 President wiki:

Link to 2016 President Wiki:

World Book Encyclopedia Loginsee your teacher for the login and password if needed, then click STUDENT


Use these links as part of our assignment:

The White House

George W. Bush wiki page

Wikipedia George W. Bush

“Shine” Candle Holders

shine candleholders

This year our elementary school has adopted the theme “Shine” (based on Philippians 2:15) for our school year. To go along with this theme, our fifth graders have been designing candle holders in TinkerCAD which we are printing with our Dremel 3D40 Ideabuilder Printer. Students will give their candleholders to another person as a Christmas gift. In English class, students will write a letter to go along with their gift.


Screen Shot 2016-12-07 at 6.45.35 PM 12-7-16

For this project, we used a shared account in the TinkerCAD app in Google Chrome and created a project file for each student. During the first week, students had some “playground” time to explore TinkerCAD and learn how to navigate and design with shapes. Then during the following two weeks, students followed teacher created video tutorials to help them independently design their candle holders. (Here is the link to our TinkerCAD tutorials.)

Designing in Tinkercad

The fifth graders started their designs by using precise measurements to create a cylinder and a hole. After designing the candle holder, students imported a shape to use as a decoration on the side or on the base. (I used the FlatIcon website to find .svg files which could be imported into Tinkercad and had these available for students to use for their designs.) Finally, students grouped all the elements together into one shape and saved it in Tinkercad.


FullSizeRender 9

Over the past week, we have been busily printing the candle holders using our Dremel 3D40 Ideabuilder Printer. As a teacher, I downloaded the files and prepared them in groups of 2 or 3 at a time for printing. Printing is a time consuming process and we are only able to complete about 5 candle holders each day.




Students are very excited to see how professional their printed designs look. Currently, we have about 2/3 of our 50 projects printed. Our students are very impatient to see their finished result! I am very proud that students did a great job with sizing the elements correctly and we only have a few designs with minor decorating flaws that we will need to reprint.


This project has been a great way to introduce students to 3D Design. Even though students had some basic guidelines to help them produce a successful first design, they also had many creative options which allowed each product to be unique!

Disclosure: As a part of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school is receiving the use of the 3D printer for one year. If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact  I’d appreciate it if you noted Karen Bosch/this blog post as a referral in the comments/questions section at the bottom of the form.  Thanks!


Resources for TinkerCAD “Shine” Candle Holder

Here is the link for the Intro to Building with Shapes in TinkerCAD tutorial:





Osmo with Mrs. Garner’s First Graders

IMG_9237  IMG_9245

At the beginning of this school year, we were blessed with a donation of an Osmo interactive learning system for our iPads. Today I stopped in Mrs. Garner’s class to see the first graders using the Osmo in one of their learning stations to practice short vowel sounds. This amazing tool uses a camera to read the letter tiles that are placed in front of it. Activities include letters, numbers, tangrams, and more! I can tell OSMO is going to be a favorite center for the students and will be a great way to practice their skills!


More information on OSMO is here:

Parents, note, this might be a great Christmas present for your child!


Comic Life Goals – Fifth Grade


Our fifth graders always enjoy using the webcam to take photos! They dropped the pictures into Comic Life and added cool filters to their faces. Finally, they added speech bubbles sharing some of their goals and hopes for the new school year. Skills covered in this lesson included opening and saving files, using the undo command, working between two windows/applications, adding and editing text, and creative use of filters. Here are a few examples of their work!


FullSizeRender 2


Back to School Tech Review with Quizizz and Recap

Welcome back to tech class! This week we used 2 new fun activities with 4th and 5th grade to review our technology policy with students.


We began class with an exciting review game using Quizizz. Quizizz is similar to Kahoot. You can build multiple choice review games for student use. Students enjoyed the self paced game and the funny animal memes in between questions that told them if they were right or wrong.


Quizizz is a free platform for educational use. It can be used on a computer or any mobile device – you do not need to download an app, just connect to the Quizizz login webpage and type in a game code supplied by the teacher. I liked that the answer choices to each question are written on the choice buttons (different than Kahoot) and the ability to set up memes in between questions. Scores for the games are recorded for the teacher. Since the game was self paced, we were not able to discuss each question individually, but at the end of the game we looked at the questions where there were a number of errors and discussed the answers. There may be a way to run the game one question at a time (similar to Kahoot), but I did not find that option.


Screen Shot 2016-08-27 at 10.43.31 AM 8-27-16When we finished our Quizizz game, we tried out another new app called Recap to use for setting a technology goal for the school year. Recap is a free app on the iPad. Teachers can set up a free account and use their computer to record a text/video prompt for students’ responses. Students use the app (or online login) by adding a pin code, tapping on their name, listening to the prompt, and then recording a short video response. Students also can use a thumbs up system at the end of the video as an exit ticket for the teacher to show if they “get it!”


I was very impressed with how easy this app was to set up and use.  I did have to enter each student name for each class into my account, but I was able to do that quickly. I found that the Chrome browser worked best on the Mac for recording the teacher video, but that may just be due to some settings on my laptop. It only took about 10 minutes to get the entire class logged into Recap on their iPads and record the videos. I am able to view their videos on my laptop in my account. I can see this app being very effective for reflection questions, prediction, retelling, and exit tickets.

Thanks fourth and fifth graders for a great start to Tech Class!




Fifth Grade Technology Reflection

Think back over all things you have done with computers or iPads during the time you have been at SCS Elementary School. Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences reflecting on the following questions:

What was your favorite project or activity in technology class?

What was the most valuable/helpful thing that you learned in technology class?

What is one thing you would like to learn to do using technology in the future?

When you are done with your commnet, you may have your choice of these activities:

  • Work on your wiki (not required)
  • Garageband
  • Learning Links – only do games that are specifically named
  • Kidpix or Print Shop (print one thing)