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3D Crazy Characters with Morphi app and the Dremel 3D40 Printer

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Over the past few weeks our second graders have been working on our “Crazy Characters” project. Students used the Morphi Edu app to draw a crazy character, then simply tapped a button in the app to turn their character into 3D. The completed files were emailed to Miss Bosch to print on our 3D printers.

crazy character1resizedThe second graders gave their crazy character a name and wrote a story to describe him or her.



After the characters were printed on our Dremel 3040 and 3D20 printers, the students used Sharpie markers to color in the characters. They look amazing! Here’s a video showing the students working on their characters:

We are now using the Book Creator app to combine the characters with backgrounds, the story text, and audio recording of the story. We will be publishing our completed Crazy Character book to iTunes!


Disclosure: As a part of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school is receiving the use of the 3D40 printer for one year. If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact  I’d appreciate it if you noted Karen Bosch/this blog post as a referral in the comments/questions section at the bottom of the form.  Thanks!



Funny Leaf People – 1st Grade 2016

Funny Leaf People

The first graders had a lot of fun recently making these funny leaf people using KidPix software. In this lesson, the students learned how to double click to open a file. They then used text, drawing, stamp, and flip tools to decorate their funny leaf person. Here is a video showing all the pictures from both classes:

If I Were President

SElem Workr16102416100_0019

The second graders recently wrote and illustrated stories about “If I Were President.” In this assignment they continued to work on opening and saving files, typing in text boxes, and using a variety of drawing and graphic tools.  If you are getting tired of the political ads this time of year, you may find their ideas both fun and inspiring! (Click on each picture to get a larger view so you can read the stories.)

Third Grade KidPix Autobiographies 2016

The third graders recently completed these autobiography stories in computer class. In this lesson, the students created text boxes to type a story about themselves. Then they used a mixture of paint bucket and drawing tools to create their own illustration for their autobiography. I think the stories and drawings do a great job of reflecting their personalities. (Click on an image to see a larger view.)

Second Grade Ocean Reefs

The second grade classes are off to a great start in technology class this year. We watched this video from PBS to learn a little bit about the beautiful coral reefs that God has created:

What are Corals?

Then we used KidPix to design our own ocean reefs. In this lesson we reviewed a variety of skills including using drawing tools, paint bucket fill tools, adding/editing graphics, and writing in a text box. We also learned to undo mistakes and save and open our files.

Here are the videos showing the ocean reefs that the students designed:

Mrs. Nesbitt’s Class

Mrs. Bennefield’s Class




Can You Draw? First Grade Mouse Practice

Using a mouse is a challenging skill to learn! Because many families use tablets with young students these days, many students have never used a mouse before coming to the computer lab. We do a variety of “games” to practice using the mouse to improve their fine motor control and to learn to click between buttons on the screen. On Friday the first grade students played the “Can You Draw?” game. (We use KidPix software for many of lessons for early learners.)

Can you draw a red dog with a blue hat?






Can you draw a green cat with a purple umbrella?




Can you draw a yellow car with blue wheels?





First Faces 2016

The first graders recently created self portraits and stories about themselves. In this project, they needed to use multiple tools to create their pictures and needed to create and format a text box to type in. Here is a gallery of their portraits. Click on an image to view it full sized!

Kindergarten KidPix Flowers

This week the kindergarten students learned how to use textured brushes in KidPix. Here is a video showing some of the flowers they drew using the brush tools:

1st Grade Snowmen Having Fun eBook

snowmancover16 copy

I’m delighted to share that our first graders’ eBook, Snowmen Having Fun, is now available for free download on 50 iTunes stores all over the world!

“Snowmen Having Fun” by the first graders contains colorful illustrations, stories, and audio narrations done by the students. Our writing was inspired by the book Snowmen All Year by Caralyn Buehner.

For iPhone, iPad, iPod, or Mac Computer: To download the files you will need to use an iPhone, iPod, or iPad with the free iBooks app installed on it (or into iBooks software on a Mac computer). Here is the link to download the book:  Snowmen Having Fun 2016 iTunes version

For other devices: If you do not have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, here are some other ways you can possibly open the books by using the links below.  On a PC computer, try using the Chrome browser with the Readium app to download/view the file.  If you have an Android phone, you might be able to use the ePub Reader app, or another app for ePub files.  (I have not tested this on an Android, so I cannot verify that this will work.) Here is the link to the epub file:  Snowmen Having Fun ePub version

Screen Shot 2016-03-08 at 11.55.54 AM  3-8-16

Our stories were made in computer lab using KidPix software. Miss Bosch printed and scanned all the stories and put them into the wonderful Book Creator app where each student made an audio recording of their story.

Book Creator is currently available for $4.99 US for iOS. There is a lite version which will let you try out the app and create one book. It also is available for Android and Windows.

We have been excited to share our books with family and friends, but we are hoping that we can connect with even a wider “Authentic Audience” around the world.  We would love for other students and classes to download our book.  If you do, could you please leave us a comment so we can know who has been reading our books!

If you have a class that has created an eBook, we would love to do a book exchange with you! Please leave a comment with a link to the book file or contact Miss Bosch via email at

Oh Merry Christmas Trees from the 1st Graders

The first graders recently made some beautiful Christmas trees using KidPix software. (You can see samples of a few of them above.)The goal of this lesson was to challenge the first grade students to follow multiple directions independently to create a Christmas tree. Students used several drawing and fill tools, stamps, and learned to change colors on their text while working on this project.

We hope you enjoy this video showing off all their beautiful trees!