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Kindergarten KidPix Flowers

Today in Kindergarten Technology class, the students learned how to login into our Kidpix Program. Then we continued to work on developing our clicking, mouse, and drawing creativity skills by using different textured “wacky” brushes to draw some spring flowers. Here is a video showing the students’ work!

Epic eBooks with Kindergarten


This week in technology class, the kindergarten students enjoyed reading a collection of Thanksgiving/Fall eBooks that I put together on the Epic app. Students were able to choose the books that they wanted to read. Many of the eBooks included audio narration which worked perfectly for emerging readers. Students listened while following the text on the page.

Epic has a vast collection of fiction and nonfiction books for kids appropriate for ages PreK through 6th grade. It contains audio books, picture books, chapter books, and even videos. Some books include quizzes at the end. There is something for every student interest level and students can immediately read the books – no trip to the library required!

Epic allows teachers to create an account for use within their classroom for unlimited books for FREE! I like that I can create collections for students on a topic or for a certain reading level. You can even set up collections for individual students which is a great way to meet specific learning needs. Students can also search for their own books based on their interests.

Parents can get a monthly subscription to Epic. You get a free 30 day trial, and then the current price is $5.99 (a 25% discount), which is much less than the cost of one eBook purchase. SCS parents, if you use this code to connect to our account, we will receive points that we can use towards rewards for our classroom. You can read the books on an iPad, Android, or computer.

SCS Epic Code: DYR-4572

Faces I Make app with Kindergarten


Last Friday the kindergarten students had fun using the Faces I Make app to build silly faces out of food stickers. In this lesson, the students had to use those fine motor skills to pinch to resize and rotate the pieces to fit on their face. They also learned how to delete pieces and start/save projects.

Here is a video that I put together showing the students’ crazy faces. (Note: if you don’t see your child, they may have been absent or there may have been an error in saving the finished picture.)

Faces I Make is currently available on the US iTunes Bookstore for $2.99. It has a large variety of object “stickers” that can be combined in creative ways to make all kinds of pictures, not just faces!



Spirit Week 2017

The elementary students had a great time dressing up for Spirit Week! Miss Bosch took some photos for the yearbook and decided to post some of them here so everyone could enjoy them!

Wednesday was Super Hero Day!

Thursday was Celebrations Day – Holidays and Special Days!

And of course, Friday was SCS Spirit Day!

After school, the students had a great time at the fun fair!


iPad Drawing Apps with Kindergarten


On Fridays, Miss Bosch visits the kindergarten classes. We have started to explore using our iPads as a creativity tool. We used the free Hello Crayons app to do some simple touch drawing. Students learned:

  • Using different tools to write and draw
  • Switching between tools
  • Erasing tools
  • Clearing the page
  • Using paint bucket fill

IMG_2931On the following week we used another great free drawing app called Draw and Tell. We started by using some coloring pages. The kindergarten students used colors and patterns to fill in the white spaces. They also learned to add, resize, and delete stickers. (Pinching in and out can be a tricky skill for tiny hands!)


Then we progressed into free drawing. Students worked on making pictures of their recent trip to the apple orchard. They had to decide whether to use thin or thick drawing tools and had to switch between colors. We also learned to use the undo button.IMG_2933

The Draw and Tell app also has a record button that allows students to tell about their picture. We hope to test out recording on another day!


Kindergarten iPads September 2017

The kindergarten students have started out the school year by doing a variety of iPad apps that let them work on letter, word, and memory skills. They’ve also done some apps that simply let them have imaginative exploration!

Letter Skills: ABC Gurus and Writing Wizard

Word Skills: Endless Alphabet and Memory Match

Creative Exploration: Toca House and Toca Town

Students have to follow lots of directions to find, open, and close apps!



Back to School 2017

We’ve had a busy few weeks getting started with our technology classes!

Miss Bosch brought iPads into PreK (Thursdays) and Kindergarten (Fridays) classes for tech instruction.



First graders used the Smartboard to review the things to do/not do in the computer lab, then made some “rainbow spaghetti” in Kidpix to practice using the mouse.



Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders used Kahoot to play a game to review Technology Expectations. The game was filled with crazy gifs to remind the students about the rules. (Sorry, forgot to take photos while we were playing the game!) Over the next week, they will be designing their own nametag to use in the computer lab.


Kindergarten KidPix Flowers

Today the kindergarten students worked in KidPix to draw flowers using a variety of textured 3D paintbrushes. In order to succeed at this task, they needed to be able to switch independently between colors and brushes. As you can see in the video above, they are developing good skills at controlling their mouse while drawing.

When students were done, they had an chance to explore some other “wacky paintbrushes” including ones that make rainbows, pinwheels, and 3D objects that move! We also learned how to start and quit KidPix on our own!


Kindergarten Click and Drag Practice

Many kindergarten students have a lot of experience with using touch skills on tablets, but limited experience using a computer mouse. Recently, we have been working on developing clicking and dragging skills using some online games. Students are also learning to navigate back and forth through our links on Learning Links and also learning to scroll up and down. Here is what we did during our lesson on Friday.


Color Game

Students sortted objects by dragging them into the box with the correct color. When they sort all the objects of one color, the objects animate and spin!


Make a Face

Students drag and drop elements to decorate a face. They had to scroll down to get the game into the center of their screen.


Castle Constructor

This game is a kid favorite where kids decorate their own castle!




We used an easy and then a more challenging puzzle game where students needed to be precise with their drag and drop.

Although the students think they are simply having fun playing games, they actually are improving their mouse skills while learning to navigate the internet!

iPad Christmas Cookies

Last Friday, the kindergarten students made some digital Christmas cookies on our iPads. They mixed ingredients, rolled the dough, cut the cookies, baked them, and finally decorated them. They also decorated iPad gingerbread houses. Both activities were perfect to go along with their Gingerbread Week activities.

Here is a video showing some of their cookie creations:

Cookie Maker app (free)

Gingerbread House Maker app (free)

Note: Both apps include ads and in app purchases. We used both of these as a way to help students understand what it means when these items pop up and how to handle them!