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Tocca Mini App with PreK

Recently the PreK students had fun exploring different ways to color and decorate using the Toca Mini app!

Toca Mini is currently $2.99 on the US iTunes store.

PreK Students and the MyFace app

This week the PreK students used the MyFace app during iPad time. They did some puzzles in the app and then created some crazy faces of their own! I took a few photos of some of the students and combined them into a video.

My Face Play is currently available for free from the iTunes app store.


PreSchool iPad Puzzlers!

Thursday was the first day that Miss Bosch brought the iPads into the preschool. Before using the iPads, the students met Paddy the iPad frog and watched this video where Paddy talked about how to take care of the iPads.

Our first iPad activity was doing some puzzle apps. Students worked through simple to more complex puzzles and moved from large to smaller pieces. This was a great way to help students strengthen fine motor skills along with learning to use forward and home keys within an app!

IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9198 IMG_9199

PreSchool Farm Fun app

These preschool students are totally involved with creating their own farms using the free Make a Scene:Farmyard app! They loved the variety of pictures and sounds!



Pre School iPad Action!

Monday afternoon I spent some time helping the preschoolers do some iPad activities. Today we did an app that lets the students to matching, puzzles, and picture coloring. 


Art Maker App with PreSchool!

This video shows some clips of the preschool students making their own animated VIDEOS (yes, preschoolers making videos!) using the Art Maker app. They were making videos about playing with friends, while using good friendship sharing skills to work together to build their videos. In the process, they used a variety of skills to pinch, move, and resize their characters. They also had to follow directions to tap the correct buttons to record, play back, save, and start over. You can see their imaginations were going full blast and they were having great fun. Such a great example of the power of iPads – 5 years ago creating something like this would have been unthinkable in an elementary school, let alone a preschool!

The Art Maker app is a fun, kid friendly app that is currently available for $2.99 on iTunes!

By the way, I tried out a new app called Lumify to edit the clips together. It was really easy, let you add the clips quickly, add titles, transitions, and music. It has some deeper editing if you wish, but I was able to merge these simple clips in under 10 minutes. Best of all, it is FREE and is not loaded with inapp purchases. AND it lets you save to the camera roll or publish to a variety of locations.

Matching and Exploring on the iPads

Today the PreK students used 2 apps. We did the Preschool Memory Match game (currently $0.99 US) which is the best matching app I have found. Love that it uses pictures, text, and audio and helps to stretch students’ vocabulary as they play. The sound effects are realistic, and there are fun little touch widgets in between each game that students can touch and manipulate.


We also played the Toca House app (currently $2.99 US) which is a touch and explore game. I like how students just have use some problem solving skills to get the various elements to work by touching, swiping, and dragging. Good fun as the help clean the virtual house!
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PreK iPad “Ornaments”


This week the PreK students created Christmas “ornaments” using the Mandalas Free app.  They LOVED seeing the pretty designs that they could create.





Keyboards and Stories – First Grade


Our first-graders have been learning to use keyboards for typing. This week they learned to move and resize graphics, and then combined them with a background. Finally, they created a text box, and typed stories to go along with their pictures. We focused this week on typing as much as we could while spelling the best we can. They did a great job using the keyboard, space bar, and period key!







iPad Puzzles with Preschool


This week the Mrs. Vowles preschool class had fun using a puzzle app on the iPads. It was a good opportunity to practice using touch to move pieces around.