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V is for Volcano – with the Quiver app


Since the preK students were learning about volcanoes this week, we colored pictures of volcanoes. Then we used the augmented reality Quiver app to scan their drawings and see them come to life in 3D! Students were able to tab their volcano to make it smoke and also see inside the volcano.

More information about the free Quiver app and links to where you can download the coloring packs:

Fun with the Dr. Seuss Camera app

On Tuesday, the PreK students took selfie pictures using the Dr. Seuss Camera app to go along with their study of Dr. Suess in class! (This app is currently $0.99 on the US iTunes app store.)

IMG_1304 IMG_1303


PBS Parents Play and Learn App with PreK

One of our favorite apps to use with PreK students is the PBS Parents Play and Learn app. I like the variety of interactive games that they can explore which review things like shapes, colors, size, numbers, and letters. Games have audio directions and get more complex as the game progresses. Our students epecially love the “Stickers” activity which lets them build scenes with a variety of sticker pictures. The app also includes hints and information for parents to go along with the games and can be switched to Spanish.

PBS Parents Play and Learn currently is free on the US iTunes store.


PreK and Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood App

Last Thursday the PreK students used the Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app in class. This was the first time we have used this app, but as soon as I opened the app and they heard the music one little boy shouted out, “PBS!” After quick instructions on how to use the arrows to navigate the app and making some predictions about what they might find inside each location, the students started to explore by tapping and moving characters with their fingers.

The app is very intutitive and the students had no problems discovering and playing all the interactives and games and helping each other to locate all the “cool” features. They all knew the characters from the show and liked that they could decide which ones to play with. They especially enjoyed interacting in the park and the store. This kind of app is perfect for PreK because students can use their imagination and make up stories in their mind as they move about the scenes. While they played, we had great discussions about the characters and what they were doing.

Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood is currently $2.99 on the U.S. iTunes store.

Back to School 2017

We’ve had a busy few weeks getting started with our technology classes!

Miss Bosch brought iPads into PreK (Thursdays) and Kindergarten (Fridays) classes for tech instruction.



First graders used the Smartboard to review the things to do/not do in the computer lab, then made some “rainbow spaghetti” in Kidpix to practice using the mouse.



Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth graders used Kahoot to play a game to review Technology Expectations. The game was filled with crazy gifs to remind the students about the rules. (Sorry, forgot to take photos while we were playing the game!) Over the next week, they will be designing their own nametag to use in the computer lab.


Tocca Mini App with PreK

Recently the PreK students had fun exploring different ways to color and decorate using the Toca Mini app!

Toca Mini is currently $2.99 on the US iTunes store.

PreK Students and the MyFace app

This week the PreK students used the MyFace app during iPad time. They did some puzzles in the app and then created some crazy faces of their own! I took a few photos of some of the students and combined them into a video.

My Face Play is currently available for free from the iTunes app store.


PreSchool iPad Puzzlers!

Thursday was the first day that Miss Bosch brought the iPads into the preschool. Before using the iPads, the students met Paddy the iPad frog and watched this video where Paddy talked about how to take care of the iPads.

Our first iPad activity was doing some puzzle apps. Students worked through simple to more complex puzzles and moved from large to smaller pieces. This was a great way to help students strengthen fine motor skills along with learning to use forward and home keys within an app!

IMG_9195 IMG_9196 IMG_9198 IMG_9199

PreSchool Farm Fun app

These preschool students are totally involved with creating their own farms using the free Make a Scene:Farmyard app! They loved the variety of pictures and sounds!



Pre School iPad Action!

Monday afternoon I spent some time helping the preschoolers do some iPad activities. Today we did an app that lets the students to matching, puzzles, and picture coloring.