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Third Grade Autobiographies 2018


This week the 3rd graders finished their autobiography stories and illustrations that they made using KidPix software. In this lesson, the students:

  • saved and opened a file
  • used the paint bucket to fill the background
  • created a text box
  • typed their autobiography
  • used a variety of drawing tools to illustrate their story
  • used the undo button to correct mistakes

It was great to see that the third graders can type longer stories in one sitting and also can move easily between multiple tools in KidPix. Here are their autobiographies (click on them to enlarge):

Field Day 2017

Yesterday, I had a lot of fun taking photos during Field Day. I thought I’d post a gallery of some of my favorite photos from the event. You can see how much fun the students had during this annual event! Thanks again to Mrs. LaFata for all her efforts to make a memorable day for our students!

Vote for Southfield Christian to win Two 3D Printers!

Here is a fantastic opportunity for our school to win two 3D printers from Dremel. There is NO LOGIN REQUIRED to vote! Click the link below, then click vote. Look for Southfield Christian, then check the box to vote for us. Here is the link:

Link to Vote for Southfield Christian

You can vote once a day on each device that you own through December 26. Dremel will be giving these away to the schools that get the most votes!


Thanks for your help! We’d appreciated it if you would share with others to vote for our school!






Memory Match with PreK

This week the pre-K students to used the Memory Match app during iPad time. You can see they are concentrating so intently that I could not even get most of them to look up and smile at the camera! This app is a fun way to build thinking skills as well as learn new vocabulary words.

Can You Draw? First Grade Mouse Practice

Using a mouse is a challenging skill to learn! Because many families use tablets with young students these days, many students have never used a mouse before coming to the computer lab. We do a variety of “games” to practice using the mouse to improve their fine motor control and to learn to click between buttons on the screen. On Friday the first grade students played the “Can You Draw?” game. (We use KidPix software for many of lessons for early learners.)

Can you draw a red dog with a blue hat?






Can you draw a green cat with a purple umbrella?




Can you draw a yellow car with blue wheels?





Photo Booth Fun

The fourth and fifth grade classes had a blast today using our WebCams and Photo Booth to take pictures of themselves. Students will be using these photos in Comic Life pages that we will be completing next week. These activities will be a good review of skills such as working between multiple windows, opening and saving files, and using a variety of text and filter tools.   


Minecrafting Summer Reading Places


Third Grade Wax Museum Signs

The third graders did an amazing job on their Michigan Wax Museum presentations. I hope you noticed the beautiful signs that they created using Print Shop in the computer lab to be a part of their displays


First Grade Faces Stories

These videos give you a quick look at the wonderful stories that the first graders recently finished writing and illustrating using Kidpix. I’m proud of how they can follow multiple directions on their own and their creative drawing and writing skills!

Comments for the 2nd Grade Playground Books

The preschoolers and the first-graders have enjoyed reading the playground book created by the second graders. Here are some comments that the first-graders had about the book.