Faces I Make app with Kindergarten


Last Friday the kindergarten students had fun using the Faces I Make app to build silly faces out of food stickers. In this lesson, the students had to use those fine motor skills to pinch to resize and rotate the pieces to fit on their face. They also learned how to delete pieces and start/save projects.

Here is a video that I put together showing the students’ crazy faces. (Note: if you don’t see your child, they may have been absent or there may have been an error in saving the finished picture.)

Faces I Make is currently available on the US iTunes Bookstore for $2.99. It has a large variety of object “stickers” that can be combined in creative ways to make all kinds of pictures, not just faces!




  1. Niesha Stanley says:

    Very nice video! Thank you for posting!

  2. Kennetha Mentor says:

    Very creative!

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