Free Christmas Apps for Creativity

This week (and during the next weeks) we been using some free Christmas creativity apps in the PreK and K classes.  It is fun to create virtual Christmas trees, ornaments, cookies, gingerbread houses, snowmen, and snowflakes!


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Christmas Tree Maker Pro lets you choose a tree and decorate it with a variety of lights, ornaments, and toys.

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Make a Snowman lets you build a snowman and decorate it.



Cookie Maker is a great simulation of the process of making Christmas cookies.  You add ingredients. mix the dough, roll it, cut the cookies, bake, and then finally decorate with frosting and other goodies.




Gingerbread House Maker lets you pick a house to decorate and then add frosting, candy, and treats to decorate.

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Two nice apps for making virtual snowflakes are My Flake and Paper Snow.  (No little snips of white paper all over the floor when you do it with an iPad!)



We made “Christmas Ornaments” using the free Mandelas app.

Note: most of these free apps have either ads, in app purchases, or both.  I think it is good to teach young students about both of these things!  I did not feel either were intrusive and there were enough free options within the apps that students could have fun creating!



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