Kindergarten iPads 2019

On Fridays, Miss Bosch visits the kindergarten classes. The students have started out the school year by doing a variety of iPad apps that let them work on letter, word, and memory skills. They’ve also done some apps that simply let them have imaginative exploration! Students have to follow lots of directions to open and close apps!

Letter Skills: ABC Gurus and Writing Wizard

Word Skills: Endless Alphabet and Memory Match

Creative Exploration: Explore Daniel Tiger’s Neighborhood app

We also have started to explore using our iPads as a creativity tool. We used the free Hello Crayons app to do some simple touch drawing. Students learned:

  • Using different tools to write and draw
  • Switching between tools
  • Erasing tools
  • Clearing the page
  • Using paint bucket fill


  1. Kim Wagner says:

    Thank you for sharing! Looks like a ton of fun learning.

  2. jessica caruthers says:

    That is such a great picture

  3. jessica caruthers says:

    what a great picture

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