“On a Roll” with Sphero Data Collection

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The fourth graders had a blast this week working with our Sphero robotic balls! We were blessed with a set of 10 Spheros a few years ago through a grant we received through Sphero and the Apple Distinguished Educator program.

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Step one of this lesson was learning to drive the Sphero using the Drive app on an iPad. Students had to use their problem solving skills to carefully orient the Sphero and to adjust the speed so they could steer it accurately.

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Step two of this lesson was “Target Practice.” Students stood on a launch line and had 8 seconds to try to steer the Sphero to a target. They measured the distance from the target and collected the data about their accuracy on a worksheet. We will be finishing our data collection in the coming week and will add the information to a spreadsheet for further analysis.


1. Finish 4 tries of Sphero Target Practice. Enter the data on your data sheet. Your data must be in inches – if you did feet and inches you will need to convert it to all inches! (If all 4 tries were zero, see Miss Bosch. You will need to try again at a harder distance to get some numbers to use!)

2. Find the total of your four tries (add) and put the total on your data sheet.

3. On your computer, click on Mission Control, then Dashboard. Use the calculator to find your average score.  To find the average take the (TOTAL) divided by (4). Write down the average – it may be a decimal.

4. Go to the front computer. Type in your first name, your total, and your average into the spreadsheet. It will build a graph of your scores as you enter the data. If the front computer is busy, go to the next step and come back when it isn’t busy.

WHEN COMPLETED: Use one of the following Coding apps on your iPad to do more problem solving activities.

Lightbot One Hour Coding (currently free) – a coding puzzle game with light up tiles

Cargo-Bot (currently free) – a coding puzzle game where you program a robot to move crates

Move the Turtle (currently $2.99) – simple coding using command blocks, similar to Logo or Scratch

Daisy the Dino (currently free) – easy drag and drop coding

Here is a link where you can purchase Sphero on Amazon. (We receive a small percentage of any purchases that helps buy technology that our students can use.)

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