Third Grade Talking 3D Snowflakes!


The talking 3D snowflake videos have arrived!! The third graders did an amazing job creating and animating their stories telling about “The Secret Life of Snowflakes!” Here are a few examples:

Click on the link below to see all the of the snowflake videos:

3D Talking Snowflakes

Third Graders: Today leave a comment with 2 or 3 sentences telling:

  • what you LIKED about this project
  • what you LEARNED from this project
  • something you would try to IMPROVE next time you do 3D design or animation


Our 3D snowflakes were designed using the Morphi app on our iPads and printed using our Dremel 3D printers. More information on how we created the snowflakes in this blog post.

The animations were created using the free Chatterpix Kids app!


Disclosure: As a part of the Dremel 3D Idea Builder Ambassadors program, our school received the use of the 3D40 printer. If you are interested in learning more about the Dremel Idea Builder 3D40 printer, you may contact  I’d appreciate it if you noted Karen Bosch/this blog post as a referral in the comments/questions section at the bottom of the form.  Thanks!


  1. Bryce says:

    I think he did A good job on the design.and i like how he spoke loud and clear

  2. Rihanna says:

    I like how everyone had good fluency and i was just so beautiful. I also like how Mrs.Bosch taught all of us a lot of things. I really love how eveyone did.

  3. Karis says:

    I liked when I did animations. I learned how to make 3D snowflakes.

  4. Drew says:

    i love how you’re snowflake is talking about digesting in someones body

  5. christopher says:

    I thing that next time I should work on my talking.I also thing I did good at my 3d printing

  6. Anonymous says:

    I like your scarf and glasses. I also like how you spoke.

  7. Ryan D says:

    i like the headphones and other things. i also like the snowflake designs.

  8. Chloe says:

    I really like the snowflakes because they had a lot of details about snowflakes.

  9. Nyla says:

    I like all the different kinds of snowflakes .I also learned that some people won’t like being a snowflakes .

  10. Kayla says:

    I loved all of the snowflakes.I liked the faces on the snowflakes,they all looked so good.I learned that everyones snowflakes were different.I think that I need to improve on my animations.

  11. Gabby says:

    I Liked when we just figured about the snowflake we all said yay.Then what I learned was that 3d printing is really fun because of are reaction.I improved that we might be doing this every year because we did it last year.

  12. Saniya says:

    I really enjoyed the snowflakes.I learned that you can do the background.I think there all wonderful but they need to speak louder.

  13. Joseph says:

    I liked how you can use mirrors to make your drawings show up twice. I learned how to use images they already give you.

  14. Kenyan says:

    I liked how some lots of details.Next time you should have more fluency when you record

  15. lucas says:

    i leaned that snowflakes like people playing snowball fights beause they git to hit them in the face.

  16. ALLISON says:

    I liked that you put animation in them. I learned that you can do fun stuff like this. I personally think we all could have read with more fluency when we recorded but I really liked it

  17. Ronin says:

    I really like all of them, But don’t just put a lot of stuff is looks good and bad at the same time. Learned that snowflakes your very very unique.

  18. Destiny says:

    I like my writing.I like my snowflake.

  19. demi says:

    Doing this was very fun.When the snowflake came out it was really cool.

  20. alexis says:

    i loved when we made snowflake . It was like tech and art we made snowflake . i think next time we should make it freestyle.

  21. kimora says:

    I really liked you’re wonderfull snowflakes.Threr nice

  22. Sanyiah says:

    I really liked caramias because it has great detail . Not all of them have that . what I loved about it was the snowflakes they all had great creativity

  23. caramia says:

    this project is fun, we make are own snowflake and animation.
    next time i want to do more and it will probably be better

  24. Ella says:

    What I like about doing this is the 3D printing. What I will improve is I will talk louder next time.

  25. Sarah says:

    I loved 3D printing because is fun working with 3D stuff .

  26. nadia says:

    I really liked 3d printing. It was fun when we made the snowflake. It was really easy.

  27. michael says:

    I liked writing. I liked making the snowflakes.

  28. Charece Webster says:

    Good job Caleb!

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