Using the Write About This app with Third Grade

Student typing on iPad

Common Core writing standard 6 states that students need to “Use technology, including the internet, to produce and publish writing.”  During this year in technology class we will be using various websites and software programs to develop keyboarding skills and to write and publish a variety of documents.  This week we used the Write About This app with third grade to write and record a story.  We found that it is an excellent but easy-to-use app to work on developing this standard.

Write About This contains a large collection of story prompts with images that are appropriate for elementary students.  Students can look through categories of prompts, search for a prompt on a topic, or teachers can even design their own custom prompt.  Prompts are available on 3 levels for each picture and there is a button that will read the prompt outloud to the students.

For this activity, I directed the students to a fall fantasy story prompt that I wanted them to work on.  Students quickly began typing the their stories using the keyboard on the iPad.  They were very focused as they wrote.



One of the amazing features of this app is that it also allows students to record themselves reading their story.  What a great feature to let them work on fluency and expression! Finished projects can be saved to the camera roll as an image file or as a video file if there is audio attached.  Here are a few examples of stories that the students created:

Write About This is currently available from iTunes for $3.99.  They also have a free version that will let you try out the app.  This is an excellent app to use for developing writing and fluency skills with students.


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