1 Point Perspective—5th

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Each year the 5th graders do a couple of big projects—but one of the most highly anticipated is the 1-point perspective project.

As we travel through this unit, the students learn how to make a landscape come to life!  We work on practice sheets for an entire day until we are able to fully understand why we need to draw buildings and trees getting smaller in the distance, or why the horizon line should not be in the center of the page.

Then we start the final.  This year, the students worked in pencil before filling in their landscapes in with colored pencils.  In the past we have used paint, but the details were lost and overall the end result was better (for this age group) with a more controllable medium.  Here are some of the finished products:

IMG_2299 IMG_2300 IMG_2301 IMG_2295

Ice Cream Value Scale — 3rd

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This fall the 3rd graders were introduced to value scales. Together we talked about what a “tint” is (a light value) and what a “shade” is (dark value) and painted our own value scales by mixing white or black with our paint.
Then the students drew ice cream scoops on the back of their value scales and cut them out before arranging them together to create an ice cream cone!!

The students were very pleased with the results, here a few that I caught with my ipod camera before the mini masterpieces went home:

IMG_1516 IMG_1517 IMG_1518

I promise we did more than orange, green and blue ice cream cones too, but it looks like I only caught the red projects from each class!

Art Room Humor (2)

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My favorite part of teaching is getting to know my students!  And a wonderful side-effect is that my students say the funniest things (not always polite, but hilarious).  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

*Gasp!* “Something happened to your throat!” (Kindergarten)
“It’s a turtle neck… part of my sweater”

I was writing some numbers on the board during the 1st grade class:
“She’s like a math teacher, who turned into… a Crouch teacher”

“Let’s play the Quiet Game!! Mrs Crouch, will you start and tell us when to stop ?” (4th)
“wait, seriously? …okay”
And thus began the most intense game of “quiet” that I have ever seen… and possibly the easiest class period I have ever undergone!

“I didn’t notice you, Mrs Crouch, because you’re wearing a gray shirt and a bright blue skirt” (5th)

“You actually look nice today!” (5th)

Doodle 4 Google (2014) — 5th Grade

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The 5th graders recently finished their Doodle 4 Google entries.  Each year we participate in this national competition (more information can be found at the official site), submit our entries and even have our own little competition!

For the “in-house” contest, the finished doodles are put on display outside of the art room.  And for a week or so, the members of the church and school are called upon to vote for their favorite entry!  The winner is announced in front of the school and receives a $20 gift card to Micheal’s.

This year’s theme was: “If I Could Invent One Thing to Make the World a Better Place…”

Below are some of the entries, including this year’s winner: “A Closet of Clothes for Those in Need” (first image)

IMG IMG_0008  IMG_0001 IMG_0011

Didn’t they do a great job?

Chalk Pastel Landscapes — Kindergarten

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The end of winter and beginning of spring are big times for landscapes here in the SCS art room! Even down to our youngest artists—the Kindergarteners!

We spent one day talking about landscapes and what they were (“a picture of the land”), and we also dipped our toes into overlapping and how to show space in our drawings. Then, I sent the students off to draw their own landscapes on a blue piece of construction paper.

IMG_2005 IMG_2006 IMG_2007

The next class period, I did something that I normally wouldn’t advise, but this group is just so advanced for their age I thought we would give it a try! I gave them liquid glue and demonstrated how to carefully trace over their landscape lines with it.
Mrs Crouch was a little stressed before the class started, but for no good reason—they did GREAT!

The next week the students were introduced to chalk pastels and allowed to color in their landscapes! Since it was their first experience with chalk pastels, the end color results were varied, but we ended up with some real gems (even more than I am picturing below)! I am so proud of my little ones!

IMG_2020 IMG_2023 IMG_2024 IMG_2028 IMG_2025 IMG_2022

Texture Turtles—2nd Grade

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After the 2nd graders finished finding texture around the classroom a few weeks ago, we created our pinch pots (no pictures, sorry! I can’t believe I forgot) before continuing with this project.

The students drew from life and then cut out large turtles from construction paper. They did a GREAT job, and are really learning to capture the details that they see in the pictures and transfer them to their drawings.
After our turtles were complete, the students cut their textures into geometric shapes and placed them onto the back of their turtle shells.

IMG_1923 IMG_1925 IMG_1921

We had a lot of fun with this project!

Symmetrical Mittens

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The 1st graders have been learning about symmetry this month, as well as reviewing patterns and color mixing! (always fun)

IMG_8759 IMG_8763 IMG_8764

Together, we traced our hands and made a “mitten” shape on one side of our paper.
Then, using the primary colors, we mixed many different colors and painted our mittens with various patterns.  After the painting was complete, we folded our papers in half to create a symmetrical “mono-print”!  After the mittens dried, we cut them out, glued them onto dark blue paper, and drew snowflakes above the mittens (for them to “catch)!

IMG_1772 IMG_1773 IMG_1774 IMG_1775 IMG_1779

All of the students did a great job on this project, I am so proud of them!

Texture Rubbings—2nd Grade

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The 2nd graders are learning about texture!  After naming all of the different kinds that we could think of, I sent the class off in pairs of two to find different textures around the classroom.  Each pair filled a page with 9 different crayon rubbings, made by placing the paper over a textured surface and then rubbing the crayon over the top (see below).

IMG_8770 IMG_8775 IMG_8776

This was a big hit with all of the students—some grew creative and rubbed the soles of their shoes to achieve a unique texture.  Others tried rubbing a stripped texture one way and then switching the paper to get a criss-cross pattern!

I can’t wait to show them how we are going to use these textures in another project soon!

3D Sunflowers with Van Gogh

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This fall the 4th grade class studied the work of Van Gogh—specifically his sunflowers!

We had a lot of fun painting the setting for our sunflowers and painting and cutting the sunflowers out of separate paper to achieve a more dimensional result!  Subtle details were added to the paintings with oil pastels, in small hatching marks to mimic the work of our famous artist.

IMG_1511 IMG_1513 IMG_1515

To make the petals stand out a little more, the students curled them around a pencil.

Art Room Humor

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You can’t teach elementary students if you don’t have a sense of humor—here are some of my favorite moments that happened recently.  Hopefully it gives you a smile today 🙂

(1st graders)
“Mrs. Crouch is friends with everybody—your friends, my friends, everybody.”
…(stuff I didn’t catch)…
“Mrs. Crouch is too friends with cheese burgers!”
“No! Then why does she eat them?”
I really have no idea where this all came from.

Student: “E put a crayon in his mouth!”
E: “No I didn’t!”
Mrs. Crouch: “E, show me the crayon”
E: “This one”
(thankfully, E isn’t very good at keeping up with his own fib)

“Did God make us with germs in our mouths?” (you may not be surprised to find that this was the same kid who was in trouble for eating a crayon…)
“Once, I called the police on my sister because she was being mean… and THEY CAME!!!”
(It was confession day in art class.)

(4th grade)
“I bet you’re wondering why I’m wearing a different shirt from last week, aren’t you?”