Art Room Humor (2)

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My favorite part of teaching is getting to know my students!  And a wonderful side-effect is that my students say the funniest things (not always polite, but hilarious).  Here are a few of my recent favorites:

*Gasp!* “Something happened to your throat!” (Kindergarten)
“It’s a turtle neck… part of my sweater”

I was writing some numbers on the board during the 1st grade class:
“She’s like a math teacher, who turned into… a Crouch teacher”

“Let’s play the Quiet Game!! Mrs Crouch, will you start and tell us when to stop ?” (4th)
“wait, seriously? …okay”
And thus began the most intense game of “quiet” that I have ever seen… and possibly the easiest class period I have ever undergone!

“I didn’t notice you, Mrs Crouch, because you’re wearing a gray shirt and a bright blue skirt” (5th)

“You actually look nice today!” (5th)

Art Room Humor

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You can’t teach elementary students if you don’t have a sense of humor—here are some of my favorite moments that happened recently.  Hopefully it gives you a smile today 🙂

(1st graders)
“Mrs. Crouch is friends with everybody—your friends, my friends, everybody.”
…(stuff I didn’t catch)…
“Mrs. Crouch is too friends with cheese burgers!”
“No! Then why does she eat them?”
I really have no idea where this all came from.

Student: “E put a crayon in his mouth!”
E: “No I didn’t!”
Mrs. Crouch: “E, show me the crayon”
E: “This one”
(thankfully, E isn’t very good at keeping up with his own fib)

“Did God make us with germs in our mouths?” (you may not be surprised to find that this was the same kid who was in trouble for eating a crayon…)
“Once, I called the police on my sister because she was being mean… and THEY CAME!!!”
(It was confession day in art class.)

(4th grade)
“I bet you’re wondering why I’m wearing a different shirt from last week, aren’t you?”