Bible Verse #1

Hooray! Here is the first Spanish Bible verse of the school year! What a great message to practice as we start a new school year and can be a light in the world around us!

Mateo 5:14 

Ustedes son la luz del mundo…

Matthew 5:14 

You are the light of the world…


Please practice this verse at home with your student(s)! What a great way for you to learn Spanish too!

Bendiciones (blessings),

Srta. Bozeman

One thought on “Bible Verse #1

  1. Hola,

    Señorita Bozeman,

    I am a parent of a 1st grader – LaMark Johnson. I just wanted to verify that the bible verses that you will be posting will be reviewed for all grade levels. I just want to make sure we’re reviewing the necessary information with him at home. Thank you in advance for your input. Have a blessed day!!

    Sheriese Johnson

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