La Ropa – Clothes

Second graders are busy learning clothing words in Spanish class here at SCS! So far they’ve learned six words and we’ve been practicing them before we learn six more. The pictures below show the students using Play-Doh to depict the Spanish clothing word they were assigned.
Here’s what they’ve learned so far:
Las botas: boots
Los zapatos: shoes
La camisa: shirt
Los pantalones cortos: shorts
Los guantes: gloves
Los calcetines: socks





Spanish Language Learning Apps

Several parents have asked me about possible apps or games for learning Spanish…I will admit that I am not incredibly well versed in any specific game, but I’ve heard some good feedback about one in particular.

Duolingo – This app is probably better for older students (4th grade and up) and has fun games and activities to practice Spanish in various modalities (speaking, listening, etc.). It is available on iPhone, iPad, and Android (I believe). Bonus: It’s free!

For a list of other student/child-friendly Spanish-learning apps, check out the link below! Enjoy taking the time to learn with your student(s)!

Hasta luego!

Senorita Bozeman

New Verse: Genesis 16:13

In Genesis, in the story of Abram, Sarai, and Hagar we find a great verse that can be a comfort to all of us when we feel like God is far away. The next few weeks, students in Elementary Spanish at SCS will be working on learning Genesis 16:13 in Spanish. It states: “She said, ‘You are the God that sees me.'” What a great promise to know that God is a god who sees us at all times and watches over us in the most difficult of situations. Ask your students to teach you the words and hand motions so you can learn it too!