Monthly Archives: December 2013

What a year so far!!!

fourth grade 046 fourth grade 055                                                            fourth grade 060                                                                    fourth grade 065                         fourth grade 066

Wow, has it ever been busy this first half of the year!!  We have made new friends, gone new  places and learned so many new things!!!

In fourth grade, we switch classes for half of our day.  One half is spent with our homeroom and the other half is spent with either our math or literacy teacher. These switches keep us busy and we have to stay organized.  Organization is key in fourth grade as we learn to keep track of supplies, homework, and work that needs to be done.

One big new thing this year is Accelerated Reader.  Every 10 weeks we have to earn 15 points by reading literature that is grade level appropriate and taking a quiz on what we read.  It keeps us busy and accountable.

We have had a great start to this year and we look forward to the new year.  It is a joy and pleasure to learn and grow in this wonderful Christian environment.

Here are a few pictures of our year so far.