Place Value on the iPad

Check out a few of our iPad scenes that we made to represent 10 groups and extra 1s.  Can you figure out the equation each picture represents?  Check out our classroom bulletin board to see them all!


Photo Feb 23, 2 01 45 PM

2 tens + 3 extra ones = 23

Photo Feb 23, 2 02 33 PM

3 tens + 8 extra ones = 38

Photo Feb 23, 1 57 41 PM

3 tens + 1 extra one = 31

100th Day

We had a great time celebrating 100 day of first grade on Friday.  We have learned so much in the past 100 days!

We wrote about what we will be like when we are 100.  We counted 100 of many different items.  We also played math games with the 100s chart and even visited Zero the Hero to be counted!

Ruby Bridges Words

First grade minds have some big thoughts!  Check out these words the students used to describe Ruby Bridges after our social studies lesson today.

  • Ruby was brave because she stood up to the angry people outside her school.
  • Ruby did not give up on standing up for herself.
  • Ruby was honorable because she did the right thing even when the other people were being mean.
  • Ruby was kind because she prayed for the people who were yelling at her.