Student Sketchnotes across Subject Areas


Recently, I challenged the middle schoolers in my mulitmedia tech class to create iPad sketchnotes from textbooks in a variety of different subjects that they were covering in their other classes. They came up with an assortment of very creative sketchesnotes. Here are a few examples:

Social Studies:

hannah social studies

From a science chapter:

austin science

From novels:

austin catching fire

erica novel

From Bible class:

Alex Ruth SketchThis representation of the Plagues of Egypt is particularly effective and memorable!

cyan plagues

And some stories from their literature textbook:

hannah story monica story

It was great to see how sketchnotes could be used in a wide variety of subject areas!

MAP Test Vocab Tutorials using Explain Everything

Students, you did a great job putting together your MAP test vocabulary tutorials using Explain Everything on the iPad. Below, I have posted some of the videos that are completed. Note: a few videos had some difficulties (wouldn’t post for some reason, names with photos, errors in recording) and so they are not included – sorry!

Doing this project is fun and practical way to prepare for testing and provide a helpful resource for younger students!

Devotion Powerpoints December14 – Evaluation

Students, you did an outstanding job on your PowerPoint presentations! I enjoyed looking at them and hearing your presentations.  Please leave a 3 sentence comment reflecting on what you learned, evaluating yourself, and giving me any suggestions for the project in the future.

  • What new skills did you learn about creating a PowerPoint?
  • What did you learn about ways to design a good and a bad looking presentation?
  • How did you feel about giving your presentation in front of the class?
  • What things would you try to improve next time you make and give a presentation?
  • Do you have any suggestions how the teacher could improve this project for next time?

Thank you for your comment.  It is a part of your daily participation grade.

If the commenting does not work, click here to use the survey to copy/paste your comment:

Comment Survey Link

When you are done, click here to go the the MAP tutorials and watch some of the Language videos.