Collaborative Document September 2015

Students, you will use the links below to work together online to build a collaborative document. Your task is to make a document with advice for future sixth graders.

Remember the things we have been talking about:

  • Stay on task – not silly
  • Be kind with how you interact with others
  • Show yourself off as an intelligent student to your teacher

Check back – pictures and examples from this activity are coming!


Cyber Citizenship Public Service Announcements using Shadow Puppet Edu

During the first week of school, the sixth graders spent some time considering issues related to Cyber Citizenship. They worked in groups using the FREE Shadow PuppetEdu app to develop a PSA video that talks about one the issues they were learning about. Here are their completed videos:

Students, when you are done watching the videos you are going to leave a comment to this post. Please tell:

  • One new thing you learned about cyber citizenship
  • One thing you would improve next time you did an iPad video project like this
  • One (or more) complements for other groups telling something specific or outstanding that you liked about their video

This is the first time we have used the Shadow Puppet Edu app with our students. (Note: what the students create with this app has nothing to do with puppets!) I really liked how easy it was to search within the app for images and I was very surprised to see that the app automagically added the credits for the images at the end. WOW! It is a great option for making narrated slideshows with students and has lots of options for them to be creative with how they put their videos together!

Cyber Citizen Public Service Announcement

Here is a link to a little video tutorial showing Shadow Puppet Edu:

Use these links to view some videos on issues related to Cyber Citizenship:

Netsafe Kids

Netsmartz Videos

NS Teens Challenge

Netsafe Teens

Use these video to gather ideas to make a public service announcement video giving students good advice on staying safe and being smart when using technology.


August 2014

November 2014

Book Shelfies Multitouch Book on iTunes!

Screen Shot 2015-06-16 at 6.53.58 PM  6-16-15Our Book Shelfies multitouch book was published on iTunes today. I am so excited that it is available for free download on 51 iTunes stores around the world! I am very proud of the students’ creative work in this project. Here is the link to the book on iTunes:

Book Shelfies” is an anthology of multimedia “book reports” created by the middle school students of Southfield Christian School in Southfield, Michigan USA during May of 2015. Students used iBooks Author and a variety of Apple programs and iPad apps to share a “self portrait” of a book that they love. Each student created a chapter which included a video book trailer, an animated book character, a GarageBand recording of portion of the book, and an interactive quiz widget about the book. We hope you enjoy a glimpse of how the traditional book report can be transformed and energized by using 21st century tools!
To download the book, you will need to use iBooks either on an iPad or on a Mac computer. Because of the special multimedia features that we included, it will not work on different platforms.

We would love for you to download, share, rate, and leave comments for our book! Thanks!

App-Smashing the Book Report!

Our final project of the year was a project in iBooks Author called Book Shelvies that I hope will be published to iTunes in the future. But I wanted to share some examples of the amazing media that students created with their iPads to put in their projects!

Folks, this is what a 21st century book report looks like when you give a kid an iPad!!

Eragon book trailer created by Austin using Puppet Pals and iMovie, also drew the egg!

John Wilkes Booth animation created by Erica using the PhotoSpeak app. (Love the accent in this talking animated historical figure!)

Erica’s book tralier for Chasing Lincoln’s Killer, excellent use of the drawing tools in Toontastic!

Alex used drawing apps to make a lot of customized backgrounds that she imported into PuppetPals for animation, and then pulled into an iMovie trailer template for her trailer on The Seems.

Beautiful portrait of Cassie Logan from Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry, drawn by Hannah using Flipink, then animated using FaceJack.

Book Character Allie, created by Monica using Tellagami.  Super use of the animated voice feature!

Monica’s book trailer for I‘d Tell You I’d Love You, But then I’d Have to Kill You using IMovie with animations and stills from Toontastic and Tellagami.

Katarina Bishop from Heist Society by Cyan, still image created in Toontastic and animated with FaceJack.

Cyan’s book trailer for Heist Society using Toontastic. She created detailed custom characters for her story





End of Year Class Survey

Please click on the link below to take the survey. I appreciate your thoughtful comments and suggestions to help me improve the class for next year!  Thanks, Miss Bosch!

Link to Survey

Sphero Disco Challenge from Messmore Ellementary in Utica

It was created by Alex and Will, 2 6th graders who spent their media center time and lunch periods learning about Sphero and making this challenge.


Meijer Great Choices Film Contest Winners!!


Thank you to everyone who voted for our student videos in the Meijer Great Choices Film Contest. We received the official announcement that the Color Blind video took first place and Courage to Encourage took third place. I am so proud of the students’ work. The monetary grant that our videos have received will more than double our technology budget for the next year! Thanks again to the students for their creations and to all who voted!