Journal Sketchnotes

DSC_0185This week the sixth graders used iPads to create a digital  journal sketchnotes using words and pictures to document a day or significant event in their life. Students had a choice to use the Flipink app or the Tayasui Sketches Pro app. (See this earlier post to watch the tutorials that we used to introduce the activity.) Journal pages are an excellent activity to get students started with sketchnotes because they are sketching from their personal experience, which is not as difficult as listening while sketching.

DSC_0174 DSC_0177 DSC_0181Students were very engaged with this process and did a great job learning to use the apps and use the sketchnote elements that they had been introduced to by the tutorials.

Here is a gallery showing some of their sketches (a few students didn’t finish, so there may be a few sketches that are missing.) Click on the image to see the full image in a larger size.

I was so excited that after we worked on this unit, one student came to class and shared an amazing sketchnote that she had created while listening to the speaker in chapel. I was so impressed – even the arrows were color coded to represent the ideas that he talked about!

IMG_5314If you are interested in learning more about sketchnotes, I suggest that you check out my free iTunesU course: Digital Sketchnotes for Visualizing Learning

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Psalm Video Project Reflection/Evaluation 2015

Students, you did a great job putting your videos together – they are beautiful! To wind up this project, I would like you to do a self evaluation.

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences, telling about the following things:

  • What did you like about this project? What didn’t you like?
  • What new things did you learn from this unit about copyright and/or iMovie?
  • What parts of your project were the best/strongest? What things do you think you could have improved or done better?
  • What suggestions do you have for Miss Bosch to improve the project for next time?

When you are done, if you did not get 25 points on your project, you may correct your mistakes and turn it in again so Miss Bosch can publish your project.

Then you may view the videos that are already published posted below.

Sketchnote Resources Sept15

Students, here are the tutorial videos for you to watch to learn about what a sketchnote is and what the parts of a sketchnote are. Please watch both videos:

When you are done, here are 2 video tutorials about different apps that you can use to do your sketchnotes. You may have the app open to test out the features while you are watching the video. Pick one to watch. If you have time, you may watch the second one.






Psalm Video Editing


Over the past few days, the sixth graders have been working on planning and creating music videos based on verses from the Psalms. They began by searching online for copyright friendly images. Now they are adding the photos to their video and enhancing them by adding the Ken Burns effect to simulate movement of a still image. Today we also worked on adding text to our images. Tomorrow we will add music and credits/citations. IMG_5284 IMG_5283

IMG_5282 IMG_5281


Collaborative Document September 2015

Students, you will use the links below to work together online to build a collaborative document. Your task is to make a document with advice for future sixth graders.

Remember the things we have been talking about:

  • Stay on task – not silly
  • Be kind with how you interact with others
  • Show yourself off as an intelligent student to your teacher

Check back – pictures and examples from this activity are coming!


Cyber Citizenship Public Service Announcements using Shadow Puppet Edu

During the first week of school, the sixth graders spent some time considering issues related to Cyber Citizenship. They worked in groups using the FREE Shadow PuppetEdu app to develop a PSA video that talks about one the issues they were learning about. Here are their completed videos:

Students, when you are done watching the videos you are going to leave a comment to this post. Please tell:

  • One new thing you learned about cyber citizenship
  • One thing you would improve next time you did an iPad video project like this
  • One (or more) complements for other groups telling something specific or outstanding that you liked about their video

This is the first time we have used the Shadow Puppet Edu app with our students. (Note: what the students create with this app has nothing to do with puppets!) I really liked how easy it was to search within the app for images and I was very surprised to see that the app automagically added the credits for the images at the end. WOW! It is a great option for making narrated slideshows with students and has lots of options for them to be creative with how they put their videos together!