The Shooting Gallery 2015

Recently, our multimedia students had the opportunity to do “The Shooting Gallery” project as a quick way to be introduced to the various cinematic shots that can be used when storyboarding and shooting a video. We used the One Best Thing multitouch iBook The Shooting Gallery by Jon Corippo as the basis for our activity.  I am so thankful that Jon connected with me via Twitter when I was looking for resources and led to me his valuable FREE book! We followed his lesson plan of  having one day to shoot a variety of shots on an iPad and one day to edit them together using iMovie on the iPads.

The videos were done “fast and dirty”, but definitely gave the students the basic exposure to these concepts that was needed before we moved on to our next project!  Here are links to their videos:

Jon Corippo kindly offered to do a Google Hangout with the students to give them some feedback on their work. We are excited to be able to connect with a person who is an expert at helping students develop their video skills!

Sphero Challenges

FullSizeRender 3Over the past few weeks, the students have been working on developing, solving, filming, editing, and documenting Sphero Challenges.  We are sharing our challenges, hoping that other will accept them and attempt to try and solve them, too! See their videos challenges and blog posts documenting this project posted below.

Students used the free Macrolab app to program their Spheros. To learn how to program their Spheros, they worked through several of the excellent SPRK lessons that Sphero has provided for educators. Then they worked to develop their challenges.

In Flower Power, Monica challenges you to program the Sphero to draw a flower. Her blog post shares some of the things she learned while building this challenge.

In the Hokey Pokey Challenge, Hannah and Alex program their Spheros to dance the Hokey Pokey together. Here is their blog post where they talk about the process and share their solution.

Ace in the Hole/Sphero Challenge required Austin to use precise problem solving with his Sphero. Here is his blog post about his challenge.

Cyan’s The Ramp Challenge is another trick that required trial and error to solve. Here is her blog post about her challenge.

Erica developed a challenging trick called The Red Hot Sphero. Here is her blog post about her challenge.

We would love for some other classes to try to solve our challenges. Please leave us a comment either here or at the student blogs if you do! Thanks!



PLEASE VOTE: Meijer Great Choices Student Film Festival

Our middle school multimedia class students created two videos to enter in the Meijer Great Choices Student Film Festival. We would appreciate everyone to vote daily for our two videos! Videos that get the top votes will receive a prize of $500 for first place and $200 for second and third place – money which would be put to great use to buy equipment for our technology classes. You will need to create an account using an email address to vote. You may vote once a day! Here are links to our two videos:

Color Blind by Cyan, Erica, and Monica (Celebrating Diversity)

Have the Courage to Encourage by Alex, Hannah, and Austin (Promoting Character)

Thank you so much for supporting our students!

Here is the link to each student’s blog where they talk about their video and ask you to vote: SCS MS Tech Class Blogs




Sphero Programing in Action

IMG_3370.JPGRecently, Southfield Christian School was blessed with a grant of 10 Sphero robotic balls for use with our students. Our goals is to learn about problem solving and programing while developing new lesson ideas for students and teachers. We have been having fun testing them out with the Middle School technology class. We deeply appreciate this gift by Sphero to our school!


Students began by using both the Sphero Drive and the Sphero apps to learn how to move and manipulate the Sphero. So. Much. Fun!


Then they started working through some SPRK lessons provided by Sphero to learn to program the Sphero using the Sphero Macrolab app. The lessons pushed students to use their problem solving skills.  We also tried out the beta version of the Tickle app which lets you program Sphero using building blocks similar to Scratch. Here are some blog posts by the students giving their reviews of the Sphero and telling what they have learned.

Alexandra – Sphero Fun

Austin – Sphero

Erica – Sphero Project

This week students will be designing a new trick using Macrolab and will be creating and publishing a video quest demonstrating and documenting the trick!








Student Sketchnotes across Subject Areas


Recently, I challenged the middle schoolers in my mulitmedia tech class to create iPad sketchnotes from textbooks in a variety of different subjects that they were covering in their other classes. They came up with an assortment of very creative sketchesnotes. Here are a few examples:

Social Studies:

hannah social studies

From a science chapter:

austin science

From novels:

austin catching fire

erica novel

From Bible class:

Alex Ruth SketchThis representation of the Plagues of Egypt is particularly effective and memorable!

cyan plagues

And some stories from their literature textbook:

hannah story monica story

It was great to see how sketchnotes could be used in a wide variety of subject areas!