Psalm Video Project Reflection/Evaluation November 2015

Students, you did a great job putting your videos together – they are beautiful! To wind up this project, I would like you to do a self evaluation.

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences, telling about the following things:

  • What did you like about this project? What didn’t you like?
  • What new things did you learn from this unit about copyright and/or iMovie?
  • What parts of your project were the best/strongest? What things do you think you could have improved or done better?
  • What suggestions do you have for Miss Bosch to improve the project for next time?

When you are done, if you did not get 25 points on your project, you may correct your mistakes and turn it in again so Miss Bosch can publish your project.

Then you may view the videos that are already published posted below. (I will publish more if you make the corrections!)

Psalm Videos – November 2015

The sixth grade students have created another beautiful collection of videos based on verses from the Psalms. Each video used and cited copyright friendly images and music as a part of this assignment. I am embedding the video files that met the criteria for publication below. (Note: I will keep adding videos as people correct any errors, so check back if yours isn’t here!)



Sketchnote Resources Nov15

Students, here are the tutorial videos for you to watch to learn about what a sketchnote is and what the parts of a sketchnote are. Please watch both videos:

When you are done, here are 2 video tutorials about different apps that you can use to do your sketchnotes. You may have the app open to test out the features while you are watching the video. Pick one to watch. If you have time, you may watch the second one.



Copyright for Music and Photos – 10/15

Project Preview – click on these links to see examples of the project we are going to do next:

September 2015

November 2014


Here are the links we will use for this lesson:

Video about Creative Commons and Copyright

Music Websites:


Purple Planet



Photo Websites:

Learning Links Clip Art/Photos – scroll down to the section on Copyright Friendly Photos and use the ones that are labeled 6th

Cyber Citizenship PSAs created with Adobe Voice 10/15

We recently completed a unit on cyber citizenship. As part of the unit, students created public service announcements using the Adobe Voice app. Here are their finished commercials:

Students, if we have time, leave a 2 or 3 sentence comment about this project. Tell me:

  • What you liked/learned from it
  • One thing that you/your group did a great job on
  • One thing that you think you/your group could have improved

Evaluating Websites 10/15

Students, we will be using these links for our lesson today. Please write answers on your worksheet.


Go to one of these links.  On your worksheet write one or two things that you learned from the site:

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Jackalope Conspiracy

Dog Island Free Forever

Republic of Molossia

Please watch this video and use the worksheet to take notes.  Write down the meanings of website endings and the A, B, C, D, and E of evaluating websites. Then write a sentence or two explaining what each one means.  (Ignore the instructions at the end of the video.)
Go to each of these links.  Use your worksheet to evaluate each website:
If time: Please leave a comment of 2 sentences telling me what you learned today about evaluating websites.

Cyber Citizenship Links October15

Use these links to view some videos on issues related to Cyber Citizenship:

Netsafe Kids

Netsmartz Videos

NS Teens Challenge

Use these video to gather ideas to make a public service announcement video giving students good advice on staying safe and being smart when using technology.


August 2014

November 2014

At the end of class, post a comment of 2 or more sentences telling about something NEW about being smart and safe online that you learned from these videos.

End of Quarter – Evaluation and Feedback

Students, sadly, our class is drawing to an end. Thanks for all your hard work!

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences to give me some feedback on the class and also to reflect on your work during the quarter. You may look back at some of the blog posts to refresh your memory, just do not get distracted by them.

  • What new things did you learn from this class?
  • What was your favorite project or activity?
  • What project or activity did you NOT like? Please explain why and give any ideas to make it better.
  • Which project that you made were you proudest of and why?
  • What is something you could have improved in this class?
  • Any other suggestions or ideas for MIss Bosch to make the class better?