Psalm iMovie Videos – Evaluation 9/14

Students, you did a great job putting your videos together – they are beautiful! To wind up this project, I would like you to do a self evaluation.

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences and print it, telling about the following things:

  • What did you like about this project? What didn’t you like?
  • What new things did you learn from this unit about copyright and/or iMovie?
  • What parts of your project were the best/strongest? What things do you think you could have improved or done better?
  • What suggestions do you have for Miss Bosch to improve the project for next time?

When you are done, if you did not get 25 points on your project, you may correct your mistakes and turn it in again so Miss Bosch can publish your project.

Then you may view the videos that are already published.  Here is the link to our Vimeo page. Please just watch the videos that come from this assignment. If you watch them all, then you may look at some of the other videos.

SCS Vimeo Link

Chat and Collaboration Activites September 2014

On Tuesday, we used a site to have an online chat for a discussion about technology. Students did a great job responding to questions about digital footprints, cyberbullying, and advantages and disadvantages of using technology!

backchannelchat On Wednesday, we used an online site to build collaborative documents sharing advice for future sixth graders. Students used chat on the right side to plan their projects and built their document on the left side. The different colors show which parts each person contributed. The rainbow of colors show true collaboration!  I added links after the screenshot of each document to videos that will show how each document grew.redgroup1 Video of Red Group at work yellowgroup Video of Yellow Group at work bluegroup Video of Blue Group at work greengroup Video of Green Group at work purple group Video of Purple Group at work

Public Service Announcements using Adobe Voice

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 1.07.55 PM  8-29-14After our thought provoking discussion on how middle school students can exercise self regulation/self control as they use technology, the students went to work creating public service announcements using the Adobe Voice app on our iPads.  Their commercials have turned out great!  Click on the links to view:

Be Smart by Grace, Claire, and Emma

Cyberbullying by Kamille and Zakariah

#beyourownfilter by Kennedi, Morgan, and Maya

Music and Televison by Derrick

Be Careful What You Search For by Maritta and Eden

Be Careful on the Internet by Derrick and Luke

#Internet Access by Jordan and Rachel

Text and Bullying by Briana

Self Control by Caleb

Don’t Be that Person by Grace

Things to Remember about Internet Safety by Jalon and William

Teacher note: The FREE Adobe Voice app is amazing! This is the first time I have tried using it and we found it to be easy and it produced a very polished product. I loved that you could search in app for icons and images to use as well as take your own photos or add from the camera roll.  The icons look especially professional in the projects, I think. There are a variety of styles and songs that you can use to customize your video. And best of all, it automatically creates a credit page at the end for all the media in the project! Note that you do need an account to publish the projects, although you can save and watch them on the iPads without publishing. I created an account in my name that I am logging into to publish the videos.

Screen Shot 2014-08-29 at 12.59.56 PM  8-29-14

Students, leave a one or two sentence compliment for at least one other commercial. Mention the names of the authors in your comment. Tell them an idea you liked, something you learned, or a specific thing that you liked about how they put their commercial together.



“Self Regulation” with Using Technology – August 2014

IMG_1211.JPG We started off our sixth grade tech class this year with an excellent discussion of many issues that middle school students have with regulating/controlling their use of technology. They recorded the ideas in a word cloud on the Smartboard.


Then they got to work on our iPads. Students are now creating a public service announcement commercial using the Adobe Voice app.  I will be posting the best of the commercials on our blog in the near future, so please check back!






Start of School 2014

Hello, middle schoolers! Welcome to Technology Class.

Use this when Miss Bosch tells you to take a quiz over the lab rules.  This will not work until Miss Bosch starts the test.  Enter your first name only and then the game pin number that you are given.

Please complete the following survey to let your teacher know a little more about you and your use of technology.

Click on the link below to go to the survey:
Middle School Technology Survey

Here is the 6th Grade Tech Class Syllabus (click link to view):

Sixth Tech 14

Here is the 7th Grade Tech Class Syllabus (click link to view):

SeventhTech 14

More Sermon Sketchnotes June 2014

Photo Jun 02, 10 10 17 AM (1)

We ended up the school year in both the Multimedia Technology and Seventh Grade Computer Applications class by doing sermon sketchnotes.  (Here is a link to resources for this lesson.) Most students used the Flipink app for the their notes, but a few tried using SketchbookX.  Not everyone was able to finish, we ran out of time and had some difficulty with resuming the streaming of the sermons midway.  However, the students worked hard and I wanted to post a few examples of what they created.  It is fun to see the differences in how they visualize the ideas from the sermons.  Enjoy!

Photo Jun 02, 10 05 50 AM Photo Jun 02, 2 33 56 PM Photo Jun 02, 2 19 43 PM Photo Jun 02, 9 59 31 AM  Photo Jun 02, 2 34 42 PM (1)Photo May 29, 10 36 10 AM Photo May 30, 9 53 59 AM Photo Jun 02, 10 03 16 AM Photo May 30, 10 06 12 AM Photo May 30, 10 06 09 AM



Seventh Grade End of Year Evaluation 2014

Students, I would like you to leave a comment of at least 3 sentences to give me some feedback on the class.  I will use your feedback to help improve the class for next year. Thaanks!  Please tell me:

  • What new things did you learn from this class? Which specific skills in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint did you improve?
  • What things were repeat that you already knew? What do you wish that you had learned?
  • What did you like about the class? What didn’t you like?
  • What suggestions could you give the teacher to improve the class for next year?