Devotional PowerPoints November 2013

Students, you did an outstanding job on your PowerPoint presentations! I enjoyed looking at them and hearing your presentations.  Please leave a 3 sentence comment reflecting on what you learned, evaluating yourself, and giving me any suggestions for the project in the future.

  • What new skills did you learn about creating a PowerPoint?
  • What did you learn about ways to design a good and a bad looking presentation?
  • How did you feel about giving your presentation in front of the class?
  • What things would you try to improve next time you make and give a presentation?
  • Do you have any suggestions how the teacher could improve this project for next time?

Thank you for your comment.  It is a part of your daily participation grade.

Creating the Worst Movie EVER!!

Today’s assignment had the strange goal of making the worst movie ever! Students were given one long movie clip and were asked to quickly remix the clip using as many effects as possible – thus the title “World’s Worst Movie.”  The lesson provided a quick introduction to the many functions and tools in iMovie! It was lots of fun to add lots of crazy effects for no reason.  Here are a examples of their “TERRIBLE” work!!

(Note to class: some of these were still converting when I posted and may not be ready for viewing yet!)