Hour of Code Links

If you are done with your Knowmia tutorials, please use these links and work through the lessons to learn a little bit about coding/programing for the the computer.  Click on the lesson with the Angry Birds activities, watch the videos, and then do each of the activities.  (There are 10 lessons.) Remember which lesson you stop on so you can restart on the next day:

Angry Birds Maze Lessons

if you have more time, you may explore some of the other links to activities at the link above.



Knowmia Tutorials – December 2013

photo 1 photo 2

Here are links to the latest MAP test vocabulary tutorials created by our sixth graders:

Persuade by Rachel, Tori, and Victoria

Greatest Common Factor by Ahlon, Christian, and Chris

Quart by Colin and Johnathan

Polygons by Allison and Hayley

Dialogue by Tori, Rachel, and Victoria

Idioms by Lizzie, Emily, and Karalena

Factors by Ahlon, Christian, and Chris

Interrogative Sentences by Colin and Johnathan

Hyperbole by Allison and Hayley

Fact Families by Ariel and Morgan

Fact and Opinion by Andrew, Micah, and Blake

The Knowmia Teach app is available for free from iTunes and can be used along with a free account at Knowmia to publish your tutorials.


Preparing to Make Tutorials

Next week we are going to start planning and making screencast tutorials on the iPad.  Today we are going to watch some tutorials for inspiration!

Here are the links to the earlier class’s tutorials:

Symmetry by Caleb

Non-Fiction by Jared, Dubem, and Michael

Technology by Isaiah and Jimmie

Onomatopoeia by Anna, Isabelle, and Caroline

Metaphor by Jimmie and Isaiah

Millimeter by Nolan and Gabe

Grams by Christopher and Austin

Factor Trees by Aria, Aryn, and Ahvon

Mixed Numbers by Destiny, DeSharia, and Bethany

Dividing a Decimal by a Whole Number by Caleb

Faithful Bible Characters by Isabelle, Caroline, and Anna

Imperative Sentences by Gabe and Nolan

Prepositions by Gabe and Nolan

Here is the link to the tutorials from last year:


Here is the link to the Knowmia app tutorials.  Use them to learn more about how to do specific things using the Knowmia Teach app:

Knowmia Tutorials


Notetaking using Discovery Altas and the Corkulous App

student with iPadIn the 21st century, it is important that our students can gather information from a variety of media sources as well as from text.  Since the 6th grade is learning about African history in Social Studies, we spent a few day using the Discovery Atlas tool from Discovery Education to learn a bit more about the countries in Africa.  The Discovery Atlas is wonderfully organized with a world map – you simply click on a country and it takes you to video clips on the country’s culture, government, and resources.

photo 1

Instead of taking notes on paper, we used the Corkulous app.  With this app, you can organize a corkboard with index cards, sticky notes, tape, arrows, images, and more.  It is great for the students to be able to move information around and categorize it using colors and visual items.  The class was totally engaged in this learning process for over 2 days.   Here are a few examples of their “corkboards” – click to view larger:

On the last day, I gave students the opportunity to work with a partner and create a venn diagram which compares and contrasts 2 countries using the free Venn Diagram app.

vennappCorkulous Pro is currently available for $4.99 on the iTunes app store.  There is a free version of Corkulous which allows you to create one board and limits your options for sharing.


Evaluating Websites December 2013

Students, we will use the links listed below as part of this lesson.  Please write your responses on the the worksheet.


Go to one of these links.  On your worksheet write one or two things that you learned from the site:

Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus
Lake Michigan Whale Watching
Jackalope Conspiracy
Dehydrated Water

Please watch this video and use the worksheet to take notes.  Write down the meanings of website endings and the A, B, C, D, and E of evaluating websites. Then write a sentence or two explaining what each one means.  (Ignore the instructions at the end of the video.)
Go to each of these links.  Use your worksheet to evaluate each website:
If time: Please leave a comment of 2 sentences telling me what you learned today about evaluating websites.