iPad Photography Editing

Students, I hoped you enjoyed learning more about creatively editing photos on the iPad.  Please leave a 3 sentence comment about this assignment.  Let me know:

  • What did you learn about editing photos on the iPad?
  • What did you like about this assignment?
  • Which apps were your favorites to use? Why?
  • What was difficult or confusing about the assignment?
  • What could you improve next time you use an iPad to edit photos?
  • How could the teacher improve the class for next year?

Please use complete sentences and use good spelling, capitalization, punctuation, and grammar skills.  This comment is a part of your participation grade in class for today.  Thanks!



Technology Goals for the New Year

Welcome to my new Middle School Technology classes!

Third hour Multimedia Technology will be be making songs, podcasts, photography projects, videos, ebooks, and other multimedia projects using computers, iPads, digital cameras, video cameras, and other technology tools.

Seventh hour 7th Grade Technology will be focused on using Word, PowerPoint, and Excel from Microsoft office.

Please leave a comment telling me 2 goals of things you would like to learn from this class.  (Be sure you pick something that goes with your class!)  Thanks!