The Button Scene

Students, I LOVE how your Button Scene videos are turning out.  Great teamwork for planning and recording and very creative work with your editing.  Please leave a reflection comment of at least 3 sentences about this project.  Be sure to use first name only, good sentences, grammar, and spelling.  Let me know:

  • What did you learn about storyboarding using film shots as you built your project?
  • What was positive about planning and filming with a group?  Where there any parts of the process that were challenging either for you or the group?
  • What new skills did you learn about editing a movie in iMovie? What parts of the process did you especially enjoy?
  • Were there any parts of editing process that were difficult for you? Next time you make a movie, what would you improve or do differently?
  • Do you have any suggestions for the teacher for ways to improve this assignment for next time?

Thank you for your feedback.  This is a part of your daily participation grade.

Stay tuned – the videos will be posted online very soon!



SCS Commercial Podcasts 2013

Students, I’ve enjoyed watching you work as you developed your commercials with your teams.  I was proud of how you used camera, audio recording, music, and graphics with text and combined them together!  I’m looking forward to viewing and publishing the final projects online.

As part of today’s grade, please leave me a comment of at least 3 good sentences about this project.  Let me know:

  • What you like about the project? What was interesting or fun?
  • What new skills/things did you learn? What skills did you improve?
  • What would you try to do next time to do a better job on a project like this?
  • What could the teacher do to improve the project for the next class?

Digital Photography/iPhoto

The students recently completed a digital photography unit. We learned about some hints on how to improve the quality of our photos, and then downloaded and edited them in iPhoto.  Here are some examples of the students’ work: