9 thoughts on “Do’s and Don’ts for Mr. M’s Class by Shelby, Elissa, and Monica

  1. Ms. Bosch, This video got messed up…and i head that most of the videos did so we can’t really comment that much about them but it was fun.

  2. Its a great video. The audio and pictures are clear and understandable. the pictures are a little messed up.

  3. I love the way we could be very creative with our project and there weren’t very many limits.There was a problem with our project and it completely ruined our hard work and dedication towards this project. I hope this problem can be resolved for the next group of students taking multimedia technology.

  4. Your video was awesome! I liked how your words didn’t say exactly what you were saying. I think you should have added different music.

  5. I thought the commercial was very creative, and that the designs and pictures were thought out. But most of the pictures didn’t have the best quality. But other than that it was very nice.

  6. I liked how you included a variety of do’s and don’ts. But the pictures didn’t come up at the right time.

  7. I really like the rotation of voices in your video and the creativity!! Next time make sure your pictures are clear.

  8. Hey, sorry this got messed up! I know you guys did a good job. We will fix it on Monday! Have a good day!

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