SCS Commercial Podcasts 2013

Students, I’ve enjoyed watching you work as you developed your commercials with your teams.  I was proud of how you used camera, audio recording, music, and graphics with text and combined them together!  I’m looking forward to viewing and publishing the final projects online.

As part of today’s grade, please leave me a comment of at least 3 good sentences about this project.  Let me know:

  • What you like about the project? What was interesting or fun?
  • What new skills/things did you learn? What skills did you improve?
  • What would you try to do next time to do a better job on a project like this?
  • What could the teacher do to improve the project for the next class?

6 thoughts on “SCS Commercial Podcasts 2013

  1. What I learned about the project is how to work with podcast with photos. The project was fun and I enjoyed working with my partner. What would like to try is going this for a different thing like a pep rally or a different commercial theme.

  2. I liked working with partners, it helped me be more cooperative. I found other instruments that I could use instead of the “regular” instruments I use in Garageband. I really liked this project! I could do it all over again!

  3. I thought this project really let me use my imagination and use photography in a creative way. I didn’t know we could do this with garageband. I hope we do more projects like this in the future.

  4. I liked recording and editing the recording in GarageBand. By doing this project, I learned how to put together podcasts and add pictures to music and recording. I improved my recording and editing skills by doing this project.

  5. I liked how we could make the podcast about whatever we wanted. I learned that when you add a voice to garageband it automatically makes the music quieter. Next year I would make the audio more exciting.

  6. The new skills that I learned are putting pictures in garageband. I need to improve my quality of my voice when i’m recording. If I do this project again I will have my pictures earlier.

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