The Button Scene

Students, I LOVE how your Button Scene videos are turning out.  Great teamwork for planning and recording and very creative work with your editing.  Please leave a reflection comment of at least 3 sentences about this project.  Be sure to use first name only, good sentences, grammar, and spelling.  Let me know:

  • What did you learn about storyboarding using film shots as you built your project?
  • What was positive about planning and filming with a group?  Where there any parts of the process that were challenging either for you or the group?
  • What new skills did you learn about editing a movie in iMovie? What parts of the process did you especially enjoy?
  • Were there any parts of editing process that were difficult for you? Next time you make a movie, what would you improve or do differently?
  • Do you have any suggestions for the teacher for ways to improve this assignment for next time?

Thank you for your feedback.  This is a part of your daily participation grade.

Stay tuned – the videos will be posted online very soon!



10 thoughts on “The Button Scene

  1. I thought putting us into groups was a good idea because we got to hear everyone’s ideas and everyone got to share their creativity. I learned to create fun transitions and to create amazing movies by just filming a certain shot for a couple seconds. Next time I make a movie I like to add more effects .

  2. I learned about how to use iMovie to make videos with music.The most challenging part of the project was filming because everyone kept coming in and out the hallway. I enjoyed making the video and getting to do one of my favorite things , making movies.

  3. I had a really fun editing this movie. Next time I would have let people pick their own groups. It would’ve more interesting. Also I learned a lot new skills with editing in iMovie

  4. I learned that while storyboarding you should brainstorm the type of shot because it makes the film better. When planning with a group, you get so many different ideas and it’s fun to put those creative thoughts together to make one project. When editing in iMovie, I learned how to edit the look of the clip, and also how to speed up or slow down the clip. I loved adding music to the final film.

  5. I had a great time making this movie. I felt like a director from Hollywood! I love to edit pictures and videos and that is exactly what we did. I would love to edit more videos.

  6. I learned that when you have a storyboard the filming can go super quickly. I like working with a group because then you get feedback on the shots and they help you figure out what looks best. I learned that when editing with iMovie you can do all sorts of cool effects.

  7. I enjoyed this project more than I though I would. It was interesting and it was kind of fun, especially since I was a main person and my project. I would give this project a B.

  8. I loved filming this movie it is the most fun thing that we have done so far. I especially loved having the freedom to brainstorm and make our video awesome! There is nothing to change about this project. Overall I would give this project a A-.

  9. This activity was really fun. It was cool that we got to learn all the different camera shots there are that are actually used in real movies. I also liked how we could be creative and come up with really spontaneous sciences.

  10. I learned how to take the different shots. I liked how we could find our own music and edit it to our liking. I had a hard time finding music, but I finally found some great pieces. When we were filming, it was difficult because I wanted it one way, but I had to learn to roll with it.

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