Hyperstudio Book Games

Students, it has been great to see all your creativity in action as you developed your games.  Please reflect on this project by leaving a comment of at least 3 sentences.  Tell me:

  • What you learned while using the Hyperstudio software?
  • What did you like/not like about using Hyperstudio? What was easy, hard, cool, frustrating?
  • What things are your proud of in your project? What things could you have improved?
  • How could the teacher improve this project for next time?

Thank you.  Your comment is a part of your participation grade for today!


Sermon Sketchnotes with the Flipink app

photo 4

While the 8th graders were away in Washington, the other middle school students had a chance to experiment with using the Flipink app to take Visual/Sketchnotes. We used a series of sermons from Saddleback Church on happiness – each student could select which sermon to listen to.  While they listened, they used the iPad to take notes.  They were able to pause the sermon when needed and also look at some written notes to help them as they sketched. (Here is the link to the student lesson resources, including a video introduction to visual notetaking, some of my note examples, and links to the sermons they used.) Here you can see the students at work:

photo 1 photo 2 photo 3 photo 5 photo 6

Here are their sketchnotes:


ericsketchnote1 ericsketchnote2


Photo Apr 25, 10 26 37 AMMonica actually created an entire notebook of sketches from the sermon that she listened to.  We loaded the images into the Splice app so she could make a video with narration where she talked about making her sketchnotes:

Students, I would love some feedback on this activity. Please leave me a comment of at least 3 sentences comment about (click on the comments if you are interested in reading what they students had to say):

  • What you liked/didn’t like about sketchnoting
  • How did taking sketchnotes help your learning and understanding of the sermon? Were there any negatives to taking notes this way?
  • What did you like/not like about the Flipink app?
  • Finally, tell me something that you learned about happiness from the sermon

Flipink is currently available on iTunes for $1.99: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/flipink/id609426490?mt=8   I like this app for taking sketchnotes because it has a good intuitive set of drawing tools that can be customized for size and transparency.  I also like that you can create notebooks, add lines or a grid to draw on, and can add text and images.  It does not have layers, fill, or customized background options.


Images for Book Shelfies Project

Here are the links to the websites that you are allowed to use to find pictures for your book game.  All of these sites are copyright friendly and you are allowed to use them in your project. You must cite all websites that you use in your credits at the end of the game. YOU MAY NOT USE GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH TO FIND PICTURES – MOST OF THOSE PICTURES HAVE COPYRIGHT!!!

Pics4Learning – picture site for students

Morguefile – free images for use

Open Clip Art Library – Creative Commons clip art, free to use

Clipart Etc – lots of older images to use, you can color the black and white images on an iPad

If you cannot find a picture that you are looking for, ask me and maybe I can help you find something that is LEGAL to use.  OR you may:

  • take a photo of the image
  • draw the image – on paper, on an iPad, in Kidpix