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While the 8th graders were away in Washington, the other middle school students had a chance to experiment with using the Flipink app to take Visual/Sketchnotes. We used a series of sermons from Saddleback Church on happiness – each student could select which sermon to listen to.  While they listened, they used the iPad to take notes.  They were able to pause the sermon when needed and also look at some written notes to help them as they sketched. (Here is the link to the student lesson resources, including a video introduction to visual notetaking, some of my note examples, and links to the sermons they used.) Here you can see the students at work:

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Here are their sketchnotes:


ericsketchnote1 ericsketchnote2


Photo Apr 25, 10 26 37 AMMonica actually created an entire notebook of sketches from the sermon that she listened to.  We loaded the images into the Splice app so she could make a video with narration where she talked about making her sketchnotes:

Students, I would love some feedback on this activity. Please leave me a comment of at least 3 sentences comment about (click on the comments if you are interested in reading what they students had to say):

  • What you liked/didn’t like about sketchnoting
  • How did taking sketchnotes help your learning and understanding of the sermon? Were there any negatives to taking notes this way?
  • What did you like/not like about the Flipink app?
  • Finally, tell me something that you learned about happiness from the sermon

Flipink is currently available on iTunes for $1.99:   I like this app for taking sketchnotes because it has a good intuitive set of drawing tools that can be customized for size and transparency.  I also like that you can create notebooks, add lines or a grid to draw on, and can add text and images.  It does not have layers, fill, or customized background options.


7 thoughts on “Sermon Sketchnotes with the Flipink app

  1. I liked taking sketch notes, and I listen better when I draw. I liked it because they were different tools and textures. In order to be happy, you have to humble your self and be a servant.

  2. This is the best project, I have never seen something this amazing! I like how we get to make a sermon of our own and its so easy to focus on because it draws your attention.

  3. What I liked about sketchnoting was that there were different kinds of utensils to draw your pictures. taking sketchnotes during the sermon helped my understanding because I had to visualize what he was talking about to be able to draw it. what I learned from the sermon was the path to happiness is through humility.

  4. The project was so fun. Its not just taking notes but interpreting them into drawings. I had fun and will do this more often.

  5. Great job, kids! I loved reading your comments and viewing your Sketchnotes! I LOVE Sketchnoting! It really helps me retain more of the sermon! I have hung them up on my wall in my office (FlipInk prints nicely to 8×10) so I can remember all the good things that God wants me to know! I hope to see more of your sketches!

  6. Thanks for sharing these and your wonderful video on Vimeo. I noticed in one of the above images a ‘Sketchnote Tips’ sheet. Is that one you created or do you have a link to that resource? Thanks a bunch! Nancy

  7. Thank you, Nancy! The tips sheet is via the wonderful Carol Anne McGuire.

    Just finished another project with fourth grade. An updated kid friendly presentation is embedded in the second link:

    And more Sketchnote resources:

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