More Sermon Sketchnotes June 2014

Photo Jun 02, 10 10 17 AM (1)

We ended up the school year in both the Multimedia Technology and Seventh Grade Computer Applications class by doing sermon sketchnotes.  (Here is a link to resources for this lesson.) Most students used the Flipink app for the their notes, but a few tried using SketchbookX.  Not everyone was able to finish, we ran out of time and had some difficulty with resuming the streaming of the sermons midway.  However, the students worked hard and I wanted to post a few examples of what they created.  It is fun to see the differences in how they visualize the ideas from the sermons.  Enjoy!

Photo Jun 02, 10 05 50 AM Photo Jun 02, 2 33 56 PM Photo Jun 02, 2 19 43 PM Photo Jun 02, 9 59 31 AM  Photo Jun 02, 2 34 42 PM (1)Photo May 29, 10 36 10 AM Photo May 30, 9 53 59 AM Photo Jun 02, 10 03 16 AM Photo May 30, 10 06 12 AM Photo May 30, 10 06 09 AM



Seventh Grade End of Year Evaluation 2014

Students, I would like you to leave a comment of at least 3 sentences to give me some feedback on the class.  I will use your feedback to help improve the class for next year. Thaanks!  Please tell me:

  • What new things did you learn from this class? Which specific skills in Word, Excel, or PowerPoint did you improve?
  • What things were repeat that you already knew? What do you wish that you had learned?
  • What did you like about the class? What didn’t you like?
  • What suggestions could you give the teacher to improve the class for next year?