Adobe Voice: Technology Regulation Public Service Announcements

Screen Shot 2014-11-04 at 1.20.15 PM  11-4-14The sixth graders recently completed work on public service announcements talking about some of the issues faced by middle school students when using technology. They used the Adobe Voice app to build their commercials.

Here are the links where you can listen to their work:

#Words Hurt – by Kennedy A. and Micaiah

Think First – by Jenna and Eden

Use, Don’t Misuse – by Josiah and Caleb

#Be Smart and Wise – by Grace

Staying on Task – by Amy and Naja

Stranger Danger – by Maddie and Katherine

#Instagram – by Dominique and Karringtyn

What would Jesus Do? – by Kacey

Be Careful of What You Post – by Joshua, Caidon, Zachery, and Jason

Be Careful of What You Say – by Luke and Brett

Cyberbullying – by Sarah and Khennedi

Teacher note: The FREE Adobe Voice app is amazing! I found it to be easy to use and it produced a very polished product. I loved that you could search in app for icons and images to use as well as take your own photos or add from the camera roll.  The icons look especially professional in the projects, I think. There are a variety of styles and songs that you can use to customize your video. And best of all, it automatically creates a credit page at the end for all the media in the project! Note that you do need an account to publish the projects, although you can save and watch them on the iPads without publishing. I created an account in my name that I am logging into to publish the videos.

Students, when I ask you to, leave a one or two sentence compliment for at least one other commercial. Mention the names of the authors in your comment. Tell them an idea you liked, something you learned, or a specific thing that you liked about how they put their commercial together.



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