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This week, the sixth graders worked on taking sketchnotes while watching videos from Discovery Streaming.  We began class by watching this short video that I created which gave students an overview of the sketchnote process.

I also gave students a quick lesson on using the Flipink app and gave them about 10 minutes to test it.

I knew the students were going to be starting a unit on Africa. So I downloaded 4 videos from Discovery Streaming that talked about different regions in Africa. Students selected which video they wanted to watch and worked on creating their sketchnote as they worked. If they wished, they could stop the video and rewind it so they could write or draw.

IMG_0119 IMG_0117 Students were very quiet and focused as they worked. The mix of watching, listening, and drawing requires concentration!  Not everyone got totally finished with their note, but everyone was successful with trying out the technique.

Here are a few examples of the sketchnotes that they created from the videos:

IMG_0122 IMG_0121

Photo Dec 02, 11 12 26 AM

Photo Dec 02, 11 12 55 AM Photo Dec 02, 11 12 27 AM

Photo Dec 02, 11 12 28 AM

The Flipink app is a good app for beginning sketchnotes. It currently is $1.99 on the US iTunes Store.

If you are interested in learning more about sketchnotes, here is a page which I created with links to apps, examples, and other resources:

Creative APPtitude: Sketchnote Tools and Resources

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  1. This shows differential learning. Some students have many details while others are more basic. Love these examples.

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