Sphero Challenges

FullSizeRender 3Over the past few weeks, the students have been working on developing, solving, filming, editing, and documenting Sphero Challenges.  We are sharing our challenges, hoping that other will accept them and attempt to try and solve them, too! See their videos challenges and blog posts documenting this project posted below.

Students used the free Macrolab app to program their Spheros. To learn how to program their Spheros, they worked through several of the excellent SPRK lessons that Sphero has provided for educators. Then they worked to develop their challenges.

In Flower Power, Monica challenges you to program the Sphero to draw a flower. Her blog post shares some of the things she learned while building this challenge.

In the Hokey Pokey Challenge, Hannah and Alex program their Spheros to dance the Hokey Pokey together. Here is their blog post where they talk about the process and share their solution.

Ace in the Hole/Sphero Challenge required Austin to use precise problem solving with his Sphero. Here is his blog post about his challenge.

Cyan’s The Ramp Challenge is another trick that required trial and error to solve. Here is her blog post about her challenge.

Erica developed a challenging trick called The Red Hot Sphero. Here is her blog post about her challenge.

We would love for some other classes to try to solve our challenges. Please leave us a comment either here or at the student blogs if you do! Thanks!



6 thoughts on “Sphero Challenges

  1. I liked you flower draw challenge..

    as a culmination..

    turn the lights off
    choose a colour
    use time lapse or open shutter app on another iPhone/ipad to record a light drawing

    –a light painting!

  2. Awesome work! I love how innovative these kids are being with this new technology. Can’t wait to see what other things we can teach Sphero!

  3. Hi! Our class is just starting to work with Spheros, and these look like some great challenges – we will share them with our team and the students and see what can be done, and what inspiration your ideas spark! Thanks for sharing!

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