Psalm Video Project Reflection/Evaluation 2015

Students, you did a great job putting your videos together – they are beautiful! To wind up this project, I would like you to do a self evaluation.

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences, telling about the following things:

  • What did you like about this project? What didn’t you like?
  • What new things did you learn from this unit about copyright and/or iMovie?
  • What parts of your project were the best/strongest? What things do you think you could have improved or done better?
  • What suggestions do you have for Miss Bosch to improve the project for next time?

When you are done, if you did not get 25 points on your project, you may correct your mistakes and turn it in again so Miss Bosch can publish your project.

Then you may view the videos that are already published posted below.

19 thoughts on “Psalm Video Project Reflection/Evaluation 2015

  1. I liked that we could use are own creativity to choose the music and pictures for our movie. I thought it was a little slow paced to create and that we could go on in the project if we knew what we’re doing. I think I could work a little more on my fonts and colors for my texts in the video.

  2. This project was very fun. It was cool how this was sort of a independent project. I think next time to make projects more fun, Ms Bosch should bring in donuts.

  3. I really liked IMovie. I thought it was a very fun activity, and I thought it was a good project. I also think that although it was hard, it wasn’t to hard. It was just right.

  4. It was cool.I like the idea of bringing God in the project. I was just scrolling and they looked awesome!!!!

  5. I like this project because,we got to make an i movie.I learned that you have to always look for copyright.I loved all of the pictures and the styles for the text.

  6. I like the cool background Nothing that I didn’t like
    Copyright and Kens burn affect
    The text effects and work on checking it over

  7. I really enjoyed iMovie. I liked it because you can add different looks and fonts to what you type.

  8. I liked how we used Ken Burns effect and nothing was bad on the project. I learned how to make a movie on iMovie. I think we should and more decoration to the videos and use a different program.

  9. What i liked about this movie was that we get our own independence to make our own movie One thing that i didn’t like was that it took a lot of time i could have done a little bit better with my music i really like I movie.

  10. I liked iMovie because now I know what iMovie looks like on my mom computer at home. I also liked that you can make a movie out of pictures. Lastly, I also learned how to use or put pictures on iMovie when I use the website.

  11. What I liked about this projects was when we started to make our own movie in iMovie.I love to make things on iMovie.What I didn’t like about the project was nothing. I liked this project.

  12. The thing I liked about this is looking for verses in Psalm and making a movie about it. The thing I didn’t like the Ken Bernstin effect. I liked i movie because you get make verse into a movie. I think I did good on the pictures and didn’t do good on the Ken Bernstin effect.

  13. I liked the part when we had to go hunt for pictures. It was fun because I got to see some interesting pictures. But i didn’t like it when we had to search for music because I found this perfect song but you had to pay for it.

  14. I enjoyed how we were able to do some things that involve things that include Christian life.
    I didn’t like having so many parts to get done in such little time.
    I learned new things like about the Ken Burns effects and iMovie would save our pictures without saying “save” or “save as”.

  15. 1)I liked when we did the font of the words and the transitions. I didn’t really like the ken burns effect i felt it was coin to much, but you want the video to be entertaining.

    2) I learned that you can put photos in iMovie and that you could add music, and i thought it was really cool

    3) I felt that the music was the sternest feature in my video. I really could’ve improved on my copyright.

    4) Maybe we could use a video of ourselves in the video next time or we could work in routs and use a team effort.

  16. I liked that you got to know how to use uncopyright pictures. But, I didn’t like how we had to use the website for some that we didn’t have to. How to use photo’s because on my macbook I didn’t know how to add pictures, I know now how to use iPhoto & iMovie. I think I was good at finding font that applied to the scene of my story. I think I need to improve in Finding better picture that apply more to the message. Mrs. Bosch I wish you would nay give us only one instruction so that we can learn how to read the paper instead of stoping, one by, one by, one.

  17. I liked the Ken Berns effect but I didn’t like that you couldn’t change the font on some slides. One thing I learned was the Ken Berns effect, I never knew what that was or who he was. My favorite part was the slide with the flower I’m not sure why but it was. I think miss Bosh did a great job planning this project.

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