Cyber Citizenship Links October15

Use these links to view some videos on issues related to Cyber Citizenship:

Netsafe Kids

Netsmartz Videos

NS Teens Challenge

Use these video to gather ideas to make a public service announcement video giving students good advice on staying safe and being smart when using technology.


August 2014

November 2014

At the end of class, post a comment of 2 or more sentences telling about something NEW about being smart and safe online that you learned from these videos.

20 thoughts on “Cyber Citizenship Links October15

  1. I loved the NS Teens because it fought a lot about how you should not cyberbully. It also taught about kindness on the web and safety.

  2. I learned about that nothing on the internet is private. Never post your personal information on the internet like, your email, address, age, etc.

  3. I think these are great ideas of things we should be careful of. They show things like cyber bullying, posting things, and awareness. These are definitely things that young kids should learn.

  4. I learned that posting pictures online is actually really dangerous. For example, the picture can be edited so that it looks like you’e doing something embarrassing or even illegal!

  5. You should never share your personal information to strangers.You should share your information with your parents,teachers,siblings, and anyone you can trust.

  6. I learned that I have to have a good profile on the internet. I also learned that you shouldn’t meet from the internet that you never met

  7. I think it was a good reminder that you have to be careful online. I liked the videos. It told kids that you can tell adults about things online.

  8. nothing is really private people can copy things. and it ok to tell people if you saw bad things on the internet.
    there are a lot of inappropriate thing
    . adult images
    . violence
    . hate speech

  9. I learned about posting pictures online and how to keep them safe. If the pictures go online many things can happen with the pictures that could be illegal or get us in trouble.

  10. One thing I learned is that cyber bulling is just as affective as bulling. A good reminder is that nothing is actually private online.

  11. I learned how easy people can just photoshop! Which is very dangerous with social media. Also, how all of the websites that are .com, aren’t always reliable. But, .org, .gov etc are very safe and reliable for information.

  12. I learned that you should NEVER-EVER show people or tell people your private information, even if it was a friend. Friends can be someone that you thought they were but they can really be different people!

  13. I like the videos, I thing it reminded some people that if you post things on the internet that everyone can see it. I also learned that there is a difference between real smarts and netsmartz

  14. I learned about not to post pics about yourself because it leak and ruin your life. Cyber bulling is not cool cyber bulling can make you sad and more.

  15. I thought there were very good points on these videos like when someone is mean it doesn’t mean you should be mean back. One clip that I saw made me think, it said not everything on the internet is true it reminded me i need to be careful about the facts i look up on the internet.

  16. An idea that i think was good was internet safe pictures like about your body or stuff like that. Also i thought this was good because in this day and age kids use social media and don’t know what is a good idea to post.

  17. Don’t tell anyone anything about yourself online.
    If you see anything online tell a trusted adult ( it is okay to tell).

  18. My idea of that i got from the videos was when i saw the video tell your parents about a bad post

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