Cyber Citizenship PSAs created with Adobe Voice 10/15

We recently completed a unit on cyber citizenship. As part of the unit, students created public service announcements using the Adobe Voice app. Here are their finished commercials:

Students, if we have time, leave a 2 or 3 sentence comment about this project. Tell me:

  • What you liked/learned from it
  • One thing that you/your group did a great job on
  • One thing that you think you/your group could have improved

20 thoughts on “Cyber Citizenship PSAs created with Adobe Voice 10/15

  1. I learned a lot about from the videos. these videos help me learned to always be safe online. now i know what to do.

  2. I liked the videos, it was fun. My group did a good job on talking about the topic. Our group could have talked more on everyones eyes are on you when you’re on the internet. We also should have created another topic.

  3. I learned facts about cyberbullying, also how easy people does do things for your information. I think my group could of used more details. I liked how we were able to do all of our work together, as a group.

  4. I really liked Tyler and his group video. I think in our video we could put our words together and not have spaces in the words.

  5. I really liked this project and everybody’s was really good and funny to so i think we should do something like this again

  6. I think this was a good opportunity to learn about things that are good lessons for kids like us. I liked how everyone had things or ideas that weren’t like each other.

  7. I LOVE LOVE LOVED everyones it was awesome. As I watched it remained me to stay safe on the web.

  8. I like the videos. I think my group did a good job. I think we could improve on creativity.

  9. I liked that we got to work with friends and learned about some dangerous things about the internet. I think we did a good job on the script. I think we could’ve done better with the sound.

  10. 1) i liked everyones ideas and
    2) my group do a good job with communicating
    3) to show more effort

  11. I liked how we had different slides and good ideas. This was fun project to do with my friends while we learned something new.

  12. I learned that if you don’t tell an adult that you are getting cyber bullied you will feel worse then if you tell a trusted adult. One thing our group did great was working together. One thing we could have been better was that we could have had more slides and talked more.

  13. I liked that we had a funny slide.We did a good job on the slides. We could have added more slides as a improvement.

  14. I was reminded that I should be careful of who I’m talking to on the internet. I liked how my group did the dialogue and topic. I think my group could have improved background and the pictures.

  15. I liked that I got to work with my best friends on a video and learn how to be safe on the internet.
    My group did a great job on how it looked.
    My group could’ve improved in putting in a bit more pictures and details.

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