End of Quarter – Evaluation and Feedback

Students, sadly, our class is drawing to an end. Thanks for all your hard work!

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences to give me some feedback on the class and also to reflect on your work during the quarter. You may look back at some of the blog posts to refresh your memory, just do not get distracted by them.

  • What new things did you learn from this class?
  • What was your favorite project or activity?
  • What project or activity did you NOT like? Please explain why and give any ideas to make it better.
  • Which project that you made were you proudest of and why?
  • What is something you could have improved in this class?
  • Any other suggestions or ideas for MIss Bosch to make the class better?

14 thoughts on “End of Quarter – Evaluation and Feedback

  1. I learned a few things on our iMovie project.
    My favorite project was our iMovie video project
    I would’ve preferred to do the mine craft tutorials by myself
    The project I was most proud of was my potato slide on explain everything

  2. Hi Miss. Bosch. I enjoyed being with you this 1st quarter. My favorite project we did was the one that involved iMovie. Most of all I really enjoyed your daily classes.

  3. I learned how to make a sketch note. My favorite activity was the GarageBand at the beginning of the year. I was the proudest of my Psalm video, because it was an independent project and we got to do things by ourselves. Ms. Bosch is a great teacher and makes computer fun.

  4. I learned how yo make videos on the computer.My favorite project was when we were doing the slides.I could of improved my grade in this class even now it is high.

  5. I learned lots of new things. One thing I learned was the Ken Berns effect. My favorite project was the sketch notes.

  6. My favorite project was the iMovie project.

    I was most proud of it because my parents thought I did a good job.

    I think Miss Bosch can always make this class fun.

    THANKS!!! Miss Bosch!

  7. 1) you can do the ken burns effect
    2) My favorite activity in this class would probably be the iMovie project
    3) I didn’t really like the devotion project because lots of people have a fear of being in front of people and talking. Make it a group reject so they won’t be as dared
    4) the devotion powerpoint, cause i got to learn about some of the bible characters
    5) i could’ve improved on my speech during the devotion powerpiont
    6) no

  8. 1) I Learned that you get to learn lost of information some stuff from the enter net is not true i learned how to copy pictures and how to properly use copyright Absurbution.2) My favorite project was the devotion and the movie and making your own song.3) I like all of the projects because i don’t have a favorite i like all of them. I was proudest of the movie because it was my first time making an awesome movie.4) I could’ve done a little bit better on my devotion.5) I think that we should use i Pad’s more often. THANK YOU MRS.BOSCH YOU ARE AN AMAZING TEACHER!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Some new things that I learned in this class was how to make my movies on iMovie. My favorite project that I did was the Psalm video. I could have improved in making my Fruit of the Spirit presentation better.

  10. « Nothing really, I already know a lot about technology.
    « I liked the Devotional mostly. It was fun.
    «I didn’t really like the first project because she gave us mostly gave us more help with
    «The lasted one, I feel like I did good on it.
    «My talkingness
    «Not give us so much explanation and stop us in the middle

  11. I don’t really know some of the things we had done were fun but we already knew how to use the app for the project. But i did learn how to make a slide show on iMovie. I’ve never did anything with iMovie because I don’t have an Apple product. My favorite project was the sketch note project. But the one i really didn’t like was the PSA. I think we could have added more slides or we could have all did one alone. The one i was most proud of was the iMovie project. I was proud of how it turned to since it was a first time using the program. I don’t think anything needs to be improved in this class! I loved it!

  12. I really enjoyed this class and I’m going to miss it. Something new I learned from this class was how to make a great powerpoint. My favorite activity was when I made a movie on iMovie. The one activity that I didn’t enjoy was when we made our Psalm Posters because I felt that it was a little on the boring side. My proudest project was when I made our Psalm Movies.

  13. A) Not very much… Some things were new to me, but others were a review from last year. The IMovie project was fun, and I learned a couple tricks. My favorite project was the sketch note project. I thought that was fun. I thought the PSA project was…ok. I think that instead we should do a new type of internet safety project. Like maybe a game. That would be fun. Im most proud of my powerpoint because I did an amazing job. My IMovie. Make sure the kids have a lot of fun.

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