Minecraft Tutorials

Over the past 2 weeks the sixth graders have been building Minecraft tutorials that can be used by the 3rd graders when they do their animal habitat project in Minecraft. The tutorials were built using screenshots from Minecraft and the Explain Everything app. When I surveyed the students at the end of class today, this project was by far their favorite! A great lesson to help student think logically and clearly to break down and explain a process in steps.

Teacher note: Explain Everything is one of those essential apps for education that can be used in multiple ways. Currently it is $3.99 on the US iTunes store.

2 thoughts on “Minecraft Tutorials

  1. three things i learned is how to use powerpoint correctly. I also learned that psalms are like poems. The last thing i learned is that you should work together in a group or things don’t turn out well.

  2. I liked that we used Minecraft because we don’t really use games for projects a lot. This class was really fun for me because I’m creative.Thanks Ms. for the awesome technology class.

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