PBS World Explorers Video Sketchnotes

IMG_6178IMG_6174As a part of our sketchnote unit, students watched videos from the PBS World Explorers Videos series and then selected one video to illustrate by creating a digital sketchnote. The sketchnote strategy is an excellent way to help students focus on, process, and remember content while watching media. Students created their sketchnotes using iPads while watching the video on computers in the computer lab (see photos above), but this could just as easily be done with the video playing for the entire class using a projector. Students used a variety of apps including:

Here are the sketchnotes that the students created:

Photo Jan 19, 2 39 19 PMPhoto Jan 15, 2 53 47 PM

Photo Jan 15, 2 45 49 PM Photo Jan 15, 2 51 35 PMPhoto Jan 19, 2 49 09 PM00G2v862RKkImGnwEFVy_image 3KWNFVhyQC2h1g9lTniv_image nbCqWFHvSX6j1MLNX0FH_image WkXRsNVMSeKwmOCVcBdS_imagekstdyp5OSMKxOY1RjDjw_imagePhoto Jan 19, 2 30 20 PMAll of the students are blogging their media projects this year using Kidblog. Students have posted their sketchnotes and their reflections on this unit here: https://kidblog.org/class/scs-ms-multimedia-tech16/posts

Here is the link to the PBS World Explorers Collection Videos. These colorful short videos are perfect to use with the sketchnote strategy.

We used my free iTunesU course Digital Sketchnotes for Visualizing Learning to help the students learn about what sketchnotes are and how to create them using drawing apps.You can also find more information about sketchnotes at my resource page:

Sketchnote Tools and Resources

Welcome to Multimedia Tech Class 2016

We will be using blogging and commenting to set goals and to evaluate and reflect upon our work. Remember when blogging or commenting to only use your first name and  don’t include personal information. Please use complete sentences, good spelling, and correct grammar and to show yourself off in a positive intelligent way!

Leave a comment of at least 3 sentences telling about the following:

  • What would you like to learn how to do (or improve) using technology during this class?
  • What are some of your technology skills that you feel you already are good at  doing (your strengths)?
  • What are some of the ways that you use technology for fun?
  • What kinds of devices do you own or have available for use in your family (such as a smartphone, iPod, iPad or other tablet, digital camera, or ???)

In case you are interested, here is the link where I made the Star Wars trailer: http://www.starwordz.com/starwordz/