Finalist in the Book Creator Comic Contest!


Congratulations to Luke, Tyler, and Jalon! We received word that their comic is one of 10 finalists in the Book Creator Comic Contest! The winner will be selected by Kevin Eastman, one of the co-creators of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.  Read more about the finalists in this post at the Book Creator Blog by clicking on the link below:

Comic book competition – here are the finalists!

The Book Creator team created this video version of the book which they posted on Youtube. Here is a link to the video. Note, this might be blocked at school.)

The Polluter

Also, congratulations to Camryn, Raven, and Rachel for receiving awards as highly commended entries in the contest!

National Park Superheroes Comic Collection

coverI’m very pleased to share that our National Park Superhero Comic Collection eBook is now available for free download on the iTunes Bookstore. Here is the link where you can download the eBook into the iBooks app onto your iPad, iPhone, iPod, or Mac computer:

For other devices: If you do not have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad, here are some other ways you can possibly open the books by using the links below.  On a PC computer, try using the Chrome browser with the Readium app to download/view the file.  If you have an Android phone, you might be able to use the ePub Reader app, or another app for ePub files.  (I have not tested this on an Android, so I cannot verify that this will work.) Here is the link to the epub file:  National Park Superheroes ePub

If you download the book, we’d love a rating or a comment!

The National Park Superhero Comic Collection began with students researching a national park and discovering a problem in the park. Then students designed a superhero who could solve the problem and planned a story that combined information with imagination. Students created their superheroes using a variety of drawing, avatar, and editing apps and combined them with photos or drawings. Some students used animated character apps to make video clips of their characters talking.  All the elements were combined using the new comic features in the Book Creator app. Finally, the students recorded the audio so you could hear each character talk. Here are examples of the pages that the students created:


blue moon droplet el zippo geyser man trench dude
This project involved a lot of work by the students over several weeks using a variety of technology skills, including research, story boarding, drawing, creating videos, building the book with photos, drawings, and text, and finally recording audio. The comics went through many revisions to perfect the blend of information and imagination. We used these comics to enter into the Book Creator Comic Contest.  We hope you enjoy our comics!