Sketchnoting – “How To” Sketchnotes

IMG_4490Last week the 6th graders¬† spent some time learning about using drawing apps to create digital sketchnotes. (See previous posts to view the videos that we used to introduce the drawing apps and the basics of sketchnotes.) The students used a drawing app of their choice to create a sketchnote on “How To” do an activity or skill. The emphasis for this activity was not to be a great artist, but to communicate with ideas with words and simple pictures in an organized way.¬† Here is a gallery of the student sketchnotes. (Click on an image to see it full sized.)

Creating a “How To” sketchnote is a good lesson to introduce this note taking skill because students are drawing from their personal experience rather than having to process reading or listening while making the notes. Hopefully the skills learned can transfer to genuine notetaking activites!


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