Devotion Power Point Self Reflection – 12/16

Students, you did an outstanding job on your PowerPoint presentations! I enjoyed looking at them and hearing your presentations.  Please leave a 3 sentence comment reflecting on what you learned, evaluating yourself, and giving me any suggestions for the project in the future.

  • What new skills did you learn about creating a PowerPoint?
  • What did you learn about ways to design a good and a bad looking presentation?
  • How did you feel about giving your presentation in front of the class?
  • What things would you try to improve next time you make and give a presentation?
  • Do you have any suggestions how the teacher could improve this project for next time?

Thank you for your comment.  It is a part of your daily participation grade.

16 thoughts on “Devotion Power Point Self Reflection – 12/16

  1. I was nervous when I was doing my presentation. Also I think i would never stutter and not be as nervous. I learned to edit the images.

  2. I learned how to use transitions and animations. I was not as nervous as I thought I would be.Maybe prepare a little better.

  3. I learned how to create PowerPoints it was funny working on it. I was nervous about presenting in front of other people. Next time I will practice with my brother.

  4. I learned how to make a presentation look good by not making thing fly in and keeping it looking sophisticated. A thing i would improve is my preparation. I felt sorta nervous but after it I felt a lot better.

  5. I felt really good when giving my presentation. I would say that the teacher could use a different source for the slideshow so it looks a little better. Overall I think I did a really good job with my project.

  6. I learned how to present a presentation without freaking out. I get panicky when I present, but my friends helped me through. I would improve how I didn’t really look at the audience. I did feel a tad frightened when I presented.

  7. I learned about many different things about typing and editing. One thing bad about a presentation was the colors who had to choose if you green and black it would be hard to see. A good thing was space you had.I felt good about giving it in front of class. i don’t know about improving. No

  8. I learned not to do long transitions unless what you’re doing calls for it, I also learned that making a good PowerPoint takes longer than you would think. You could make new videos for the kids because the audio hurt my ears. I learned that you can create cool effects for transitions a things.

  9. I think my presentation was a great. one thing I would like to change is that I would practice and be ready and not just yolo it.

  10. I learned how to create a blend of colors in a background. I think I felt pretty good about presenting in front of the class. I think next time you should make them better some how. Just make them cooler.

  11. I learned how to make an effect on words. I felt kind of scared about presenting in front if class.

  12. I learned how to add effects to the text and photos. I also learned that notes are very helpful. I felt nervous because I don’t like being the center of attention. Next time, I probably wouldn’t just practice the night before I present, I’d practice ahead of time.

  13. i learned that kindness is mostly the key to anything. if you do distracting project its going to much attract attention to all the animals and extra stuff instead of actually listening to the project. i felt scared and sick and felt like i was about to throw up. don’t get scared and speak louder. nothing really for the teacher.

  14. I thought it was lots of fun making and presenting my PowerPoint. I loved learning all the different ways I could make my PowerPoint look amazing. Like adding frames around the pictures, and just customizing the back ground. I felt I did well when presenting my PowerPoint, and I was glad I practiced before presenting it. Next time I think I will try to smile more when presenting.

  15. Skills I learned were, different effects to go on images and fonts. I also worked on learning how to manage my space and rearrange text and images so that everything fits together and has space. I also learned there are big differences between good presentations and bad ones. In bad presentations images and pictures are going crazy with effects and nothing looks organized. In good presentations your slides make since are well prepared and organized. During my presentation it was a little nerve racking. It was silent and all eyes were on me, which did put pressure on me. Overall I enjoyed it and thought it was an enjoyable project!

  16. The new things i learned are the animations for the slides.i felt like i did great and very body loved it. i need to make cards.

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