End of Class Reflection/Evaluation

Students, sadly, our class is drawing to an end. Thanks for all your hard work!

Please leave a comment of at least 3 sentences to give me some feedback on the class and also to reflect on your work during the quarter. You may look back at some of the blog posts to refresh your memory, just do not get distracted by them.

  • What new things did you learn from this class?
  • What was your favorite project or activity?
  • What project or activity did you NOT like? Please explain why and give any ideas to make it better.
  • Which project that you made were you proudest of and why?
  • What is something you could have improved in this class?
  • Any other suggestions or ideas for MIss Bosch to make the class better?

17 thoughts on “End of Class Reflection/Evaluation

  1. i think my favorite activity was the 3d design. I enjoyed being able to create whatever i wanted with the morphi app and the dremel 3d printer. i really enjoyed being in this class

  2. I Learned how to do chat rooms. Something I learned is how to do the 3d printing. Something I don’t like is we can’t listen to music.

  3. I learned i can make things on apps and they can print on the 3D printer. My favorite project was the mine craft videos. I didn’t really like the keychains. It was kind of hard to make the keychains.

  4. My favorite thing was the Minecraft activity. i was most proud of my Power Point Devotional because it took a lot of work. I could improved on the Psalms video

  5. The project i didnt like was the imovie project because of the Ken Burns Effects were sorta hard for me. I was the most proud of the 3D printing project because i made something on the ipad and i could actually hold it physically. I learned how to 3D print with the 3D printer.

  6. I learned about 3d printing, my favorite activity was the Minecraft , my least favorite was the slides because i just didn’t like it.

  7. I learned about sketch notes. I am proudest about my keychain because I’ve never done 3D printing. The devotional videos could have better audio both me and my friends said the audio hurt our ears.

  8. My favorite project was the minecraft tutorials. One new thing I learned was how to make 3d things. One thing I could have improved was my listening.

  9. I learned how to use iMovie. My favorite project is mine craft because it was fun and I love mine craft. I could have been more creative in my presentation. I didn’t really like the copyright project because I didn’t really have fun doing it. I will miss Multimedia.

  10. My favorite project was definitely the sketch notes. They were so much fun to make! I’m extremely proud of the Minecraft project I did with Anna. That hot air balloon was kinda hard to make, but I love how it turned out. I didn’t really enjoy the presentation project, but that’s because I don’t like presenting. Other than that, this class rocked!

  11. My favorite activity was the 3d printing and the Minecraft tutorials. The reason why i like the 3d printing because we got to make key chain looking things on morphi (a 3d printing app). The reason why I chose the minecraft tutorial is because its Minecraft and who dosem’t minecraft right!

  12. I loved making key chains with the 3D printer. I learned how to design, and print stuff from the 3D printer. I was very proud of my Psalm video, and my faithfulness slideshow.

  13. My favorite project was the Psalm video because I love creating things with Bible verses and mine really turned out great! Finding pictures and music was also very fun. Another one of my favorite projects was the 3d printing project. On my first try, I was missing a letter. On my second try, I engraved the lettering and it turned out much better. I was very proud of my devotion slideshow because it was easy to read, I had good examples, and I learned how to add effects to it. I learned how to use Explain Everything, create sketch notes, and make a beautiful Psalm video.

  14. I learned how to use a 3-D printer, which was amazing! My favorite project was the mine craft project, and the one I’m most proudest of was the Morphi project. Maybe we can make our own fake website to use.

  15. My favorite project was our powerpoints points. I enjoyed this project because it teaches you key things you will need as you get older and become an adult. It teaches you to use time wisely, get your point across, interesting features to read an explain things to your crowd. It also teaches you to interact with crowds, have I contact, and clear speech. This project was somewhat of my first time doing a powerpoint. As I get older I will remember this experience and do better as I do more of them. My project I was proudest of was our bible verse projects. In this project we made pictures, text, and music to go along with our video. We also learned the value of copyright. It is an import thing you will need to know as you get older and start to work with electronics. As I watched my video I was extremely happy with the way I incorperated all of those features. I really enjoyed all the projects Mrs. Bosch laid out for us this year!

  16. I learned how to get garage band onto the flash drive and get it on my computer at home. My favorite project was the minecraft project. I didn’t really care for the selfie project because it was just taking pictures and typing and it wasn’t very challenging or exiting. Again I am most proud of the minecraft project. I could have improved on my iMovie. I think she should do some animating.

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