Coding with Swift Playgrounds and Sphero

swift playgrounds

The Multimedia Tech class recently completed a coding unit. We began by using the lessons in Swift Playgrounds on our iPads. Students Students learned some of the basic logic and language of coding while working through the challenges. There was a lot of teamwork as students helped each other to solve the challenges when they were stuck. Swift Playgrounds is available for free for iPads on the iTunes Store. It has a variety of fun coding challenges on a variety of levels that help students learn about coding.


We next transferred the skills learned into programing our Sphero robotic balls. Students learned some basics of how to pair the Spheros with Bluetooth, aim, and drive them. Then we used the SheroEdu app for working through some challenges. Students had to program shapes, colors, and sounds. Then they got creative got creative and programed the Spheros to tell stories, dance, and even sing! Check out these videos to see some of their creative coding solutions!

The Sphero Edu app is also available for free on iTunes. It has lessons and tutorials that students can use. (Note: the tutorials are hosted on Youtube and sadly we found they were blocked on our student network.) You also can simply use the app to code the Sphero. We especially loved that there was a large library of sound effects! You also could program talking using text to voice – the voice came out of the iPad. Great potential for blending storytelling with coding!!

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